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5 Best Free Hidden Spy Apps for Android (2021 Update)



Technology has evolved tremendously. New gadgets are invented every day with every new invention aimed at making work easier. Every problem solved by these inventions gives rise to another problem. It is now up to the user to decide whether they can live with the new problem or just take a pass on the new invention.

Smartphones have come a long way leading to this point in time when we are discussing spy apps. Check out this page for a look into the best spy apps in the market. The first smartphone was made in the year 1992. Fast-forward to the year 2001 when smartphones were able to connect to the internet and in essence send emails just like the computers did. Now jump to the year 2007 when the first iPhone was introduced to the market changing the game altogether.

Currently, one can do so much with a smartphone. Everyone seems to need one; even kids need smartphones! Well, with the level of reliance we have placed on smartphones, who can blame them. As a parent, however, allowing your kid to own a smartphone comes with a lot of mixed feelings and responsibility. See, the internet opens a window of infinite content that can be accessed with ease on our phones. Some of this content is not good for kids.

There is, therefore, a need for a good spy app. So where do you get a good spy app and what are some of the best spy apps available?

Let us look at five of the best spy apps that will help you keep an eye on that loved one.

Spyier – The Best Spy App for Android

Spyier is the best Spy App for Android and for that reason, we will have a deeper look at how it works. Spyier is so advanced that it works stealthily and the target person won’t even know it is there! What Spyier does is once it is installed on the target phone, it has the option of disabling the app icon so that it is not listed in the apps that are installed on the phone. Spyier is also a light app and will therefore not be flagged by the phone for either using too much data or battery.

Screenshot: Windows Dispatch

How Do I Get Spyier?

Spyier is easy to install and use. Go to the Spyier website on your browser and click on Get Spyier. Choose Spyier for Android and proceed to choose your preferred plan. The Android version offers the Basic, Premium, and Family Packages.

Once you have selected your preferred package, select Buy Now. A dialogue window will appear for you to enter your payment options. Choose your preferred mode of payment, either PayPal or card and once you have successfully purchased your plan, you will receive an email with details to log in to your Spyier account.

Login with your details and enter a name for the target person.

The next part is the hardest for most. You will need to have access to the target device for a few minutes to set up the Spyier app. You will also need to change a few settings so that the phone can allow the app to install.

After installation of the app in the target device, choose to hide the application so that the application icon is hidden from the applications list.

The hard part is done! You now don’t need the target phone anymore. All you need is a browser, an internet connection, and all is set.


Screenshot: Windows Dispatch

Spyic comes with several features such as Stealth Mode that ensures that the app works without being noticed. Spying on someone would not work that well if the target person knew they were being spied on.

Spyic has this cool feature, Geo-fence that allows you to create a virtual geographic boundary that alerts you once that boundary has trespassed.


Screenshot: Windows Dispatch

Cocospy offers features such as monitoring calls and tracking someone’s location. You can also use Cocospy to read text messages in the target phone. It allows you to check the browser history therefore making it possible to track another person’s activity on the internet.

Cocospy also comes with the option of Stealth Mode to ensure that it runs in the background without being detected.


Screenshot: Windows Dispatch

Minspy is also a good spy app. It offers the stealth mode feature and does not require rooting or jailbreaking the target.

Minspy enables one to spy on all social media platforms, monitors all incoming and outgoing calls, helps track location of the target device and even gives access to photos and videos saved in the target device.


Screenshot: Windows Dispatch

Spyzie comes close to the big boys like Spyier and FlexiSpy. It comes with features such as access to text messages in the target device, call log monitoring and GPS tracking. Just like the other app, Spyzie offers the stealth mode and is therefore undetectable.

In Conclusion

Spy apps have now become a norm and are no longer used just for underhand dealings.

Other than using spy apps to track your kids’ activity on their phones, spy apps can be useful to employers too. Employers can now track what their employees are doing on their smart gadgets. They may take a peek at chats from the official numbers and office computers. It is important to always remember that there is a boundary to how far you can spy on someone. Therefore be careful not to cross the line that may cause you to face legal charges.

Spy apps can also be used to spy on partners in relationships. One may have that gut feeling that their partner is not truthful, whether by being unfaithful or other issues that may affect your relationship. This may leave one with the option of spying on their partner to get answers. Whatever you do, remember that spy apps leave you with the huge responsibility of being careful and not misusing the information you get.



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