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Seven Reasons Why Windows is Still Better than MacOS for Research Paper Writing



Research paper writing often requires a lot of dedication and a good working platform to ensure that the work is well saved and can easily be retrieved when edits are made. Windows has remained one of the best operating systems for research paper writing, even with advanced operating systems.

Being compatible with multiple writing software makes windows the leading operating system for research paper writing. There are different reasons why windows are still better than MacOS in research paper writing, and they include.

Federated searches

Research paper writing often requires a lot of extensive work to be carried out to come up with an appealing piece of writing that has the right content. Federated searching involves searching multiple data sources at once.

These searches tend to extend beyond the Explorer search potentials. With windows booting up faster than Mac, that means you can easily sign in faster to different sites using windows than when using a Mac.

You can finish your research paper faster

The fact that windows are a lot smoother and fast means that you will be able to research different sites quickly and get the information you need to put down on your paper. You can easily search for team of research paper help at EduBirdie and get your paper writing work done within the shortest time possible. Most college writing assignments tend to have short deadlines, and failure to meet them may bring many issues to your college education.


In most cases, you will find that it’s easier to get a lot of words typed on the screen with windows than with the macOS. All the processes that involve spell checking, printing, and sending documents via email are done faster in windows than in MacOS. That means that your productivity of the research paper writing is likely to be high when using windows than when using macOS.

Great libraries

Windows folders will provide you with the ability to see more than one content in one view. That’s why most students prefer Windows 10 for the education process to MacOS. Unlike in windows, most of the shared libraries in macOS may not be seen due to the philosophy of packaging the applications.

The number of MacOS users is few compared to windows, and that’s why most of these applications are usually reserved for applications that need kernel extensions or modifying the whole system in a way.

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Less RAM is required

Windows’s virtual memory is more effective than in MacOS. If the PC runs low on memory during the research paper writing, the cases of it crushing a very low compared to when using the Mac.

On the other hand, if the Mac runs low on memory is likely to crash, resulting in the loss of all the documents. That means that using windows for research paper writing is more secure, especially when facing memory issues.

Availability of freeware

Security is very important during research paper writing as it keeps off malware that may attack your computer and cause damage to the hard disk causing loss of files. With Windows having a relatively higher number of compatible freeware than MacOS, you have a wide array of choices to make depending on the freeware program that you think is best suited to protect your documents from viruses.

Cheap support

Even though both offer customer support for a certain period, it’s relatively expensive to get your MacOS issues fixed after the support is over than in Windows.

That means you won’t have to spend so much in case of any technical issue with your Mac when working on the research paper, as you can easily get everything fixed with ease. Don’t forget that only a few computer shops deal with Macs, and taking the issue directly to Apple can be expensive.

More friendly applications

The difference between the Windows and macOS applications is never clear to most people on which one to work with. With Windows applications, you have more control over most processes than using a Mac computer.

It’s like driving an automatic and manual. The higher the number of settings to mess around with in editing your research paper writing, the less you are likely to make errors unintentionally.


There are multiple reasons why Windows is still better than MacOS for research paper writing. The above points will give you a clear insight into why you should use Windows for the research paper writing. These points cut across security issues, an organization to the management of the research paperwork.

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