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7 Useful Windows Apps for College Students



As college students, academic life can be stressful. From the rush of classes to assignments to project and exam preparations, the struggle is real. However, in this age of technology, you need to take advantage of this digitization to make your life easier.

With hundreds of educational apps and platforms on the internet these days, learning has now been made a little effortless. Aside from studying hard, you also need to study very smartly. It is not enough to cram all the textbooks you have; arming yourself with the right tools can help you learn faster and get better grades while at it.

With that said, let’s look at some of the best Windows apps for students like you. With these applications, you can use technology to your advantage and get the most of it. Let’s get into it:

Microsoft Office Suite


This office contains a set of programs that are excellent for every student. On this suite, you will find Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook.

The Word program is used to edit and create notebooks. As a student, it is no longer feasible to scribble notes manually. There are so many disadvantages to using paper, aside from the grievous effect on our environment. This is why an app like this is extremely suitable for you.

As a student, you will be making a lot of video presentations. The PowerPoint program is the best when it comes to this. With the app, you can easily design powerpoints that speak to the audience and get the job done. With this, you can do a complete slideshow of all the useful charts, information, and images that you need.

The Excel program is great for making spreadsheets and other similar procedures. For scholars in the mathematical and data science department, this app is suitable for organizing numbers, formulas, and other functions.

With outlook, you can keep track of every school task and assignment. With so many appointments to remember, it might be simple to forget some. With this app, college students can manage their engagements. A big plus is that you can also send and receive emails.



This is one of the best writing apps for PC that would completely turn your life around and save you a whole lot of time. With this app, you can get projects done faster and become even more productive.

Dragon is an application that lets you speak into the microphone, and the words would appear on your screen the exact way you’ve said them. Now you don’t have to do your essay all by yourself; all you have to do is read out the words and have them on the screen. It’s as simple as that.

Google Drive


This is another set of useful programs that college students would find great. They have a whole range of programs, the most important being Google Drive.

For years students have carried important files and books in their backpacks, which makes them susceptible to loss, tearing, and a host of other activities. With this Google app, you can now have up to 1 TB storage space. Here, you can store all your essential class notes and get access to them at any moment.



While some people might like studying alone, others learn better when done in groups. With this app, you can share study materials, design flashcards, and send them to every group member. What’s even better? The whole team is online, which means you don’t have to deal with the constant noise or regular distractions.

All you have to do is download the software, enter your email address, and you can start practicing quizzes and sharing knowledge with your friends. There is also an inbuilt cloud to store all your schoolwork for safekeeping.



This is another windows app for those who write a lot. Be it creative or academic writing; this is one of the best.

As scholars, when you are faced with a lot of homework, you sometimes lose patience. This makes you breeze through all your essays just to submit them within the deadline. But where’s that going to get you? Zero!

Understandably, you might not have the time to go over the essay to check for errors, so why not download Readable. Just like the name implies, it makes your entire text readable. It does this by editing and arranging your article and presenting you with a readability sheet at the end of the analysis.

With this, you would see all the other things you need to work on.

Cold Turkey

Cold Turkey app logo

This is probably the most productive software for scholars as it helps treat the root of every problem, which is a distraction. So many pupils want to learn, but they simply can’t get rid of distractions long enough to do something meaningful.

With all these social apps taking the shine these days, you need something to help keep these distractions off.

With Cold Turkey, this is possible. Once you set an amount of time and select the sites you want blocked, the software keeps them blocked till it is up. During the lock period, you will be unable to access this site or disable the software.

MyHomework Student Planner


With so many things to do, it’s easy to forget assignments. Or sometimes, you muddle updates; you don’t know when an event or test should take place. With this planner, you can keep track of all your tasks and exams in one place. You would never miss an assignment again.

All you have to do is download, open an account, then input all your deadlines and engagements. The software sends you constant reminders and notifications to keep you up to date and refreshed on everything you need to do.


When you’re in school, you need all the help you can get, and no one doubts that. With these apps, you would find your workload considerably lessened to the point where you become more productive. Make use of any of this online assistance today!

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