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Android Games Will Be Available for Windows 11 – What are the Most Popular Genres?



It was recently announced that Google has decided to make its Play Games app available with both Windows 10 and 11, meaning PC gamers will have access to more than 2.5 million mobile apps from the larger screen.

While the popularity of certain game genres differs slightly among PC and mobile audiences, there are a few categories that players can agree on. Puzzle games, MMOs, and action offerings are well-loved on both devices, so here are a few titles that Windows users should watch out for.

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The puzzle genre is not the most popular overall, but it is the most consistent across all age groups. It all came about from offerings like Tetris, which is still played by thousands online in 2021. The mobile gaming industry sparked a huge rise in the prevalence of this type of game, and there are now a great number of titles for players to choose from with varying themes. In recent years, developers have strived to build on basic puzzlers and make them more immersive with a greater array of elements.

A good example of a game that pushes the capabilities of mobile and will look great on a Windows PC is Lost Island: Blast Adventure. This is one of the newest puzzle games from Plarium, and it aims to attract a vast range of players with its diverse levels and gameplay. It takes place on a desert island that’s in desperate need of renovation. The aim is for players to explore the island and solve puzzles to complete tasks. For example, you may want to fix up a pool on the island, but to do so you’ll have to win a match-3 blast puzzle first.


Another genre that has blown up in recent years thanks to mobile is the MMO. These online games involve thousands of players and allow for collaboration and competition in real-time situations. There are so many games to choose from in this category, with offerings to suit many diverse interests. Many are based on famous periods of history, so it’s sometimes a case of choosing your favorite era.

Clash of Clans is one of the top options in this category currently, thanks to the popularity of Vikings and history in mainstream entertainment. The title from Supercell was released in 2012 and was one of the early pioneers of the now, incredibly popular MMO genre. Player’s team up with one another to develop their own clans, and then they challenge opposing factions to level up, gain resources, and conquer the land.


Shooting games cover a few different genres, with first-person shooters and battle royale-style games currently ruling the roost. PUBG Mobile from PUBG Corporation is one of the most popular games on the market, with more than one billion downloads and $6.2 billion generated in revenue.

The original version of PUBG was made available for Windows players and attracted a vast number of users. However, the mobile edition has proven to be much more popular, and players enjoy the thriving competition within it. With the mobile version now available on desktop through the Play Games app, its user base is likely to rise even more.

The availability of Android games on Windows is an exciting step forward, and it’s likely to boost the booming mobile gaming industry further. Along with the games mentioned here, there are plenty of other options to suit everyone’s tastes.



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