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How to Clean up & Speed up a Slow Computer with Advanced SystemCare



Advanced SystemCare 14 is a compelling all-in-one PC optimizer that refines your PC. This powerful one-click approach intelligently scans and tends all aspects of the system in AI mode and aims to boost the computer to unlock all the potential of your computer and optimize the PC experience. It will allow you to clean up junk files and traces of privacy deeper and thoroughly and speed up your PC. In other words, it will allow your computer to run cooler and more efficiently than ever.

Why do Users Choose the Advanced SystemCare 14?

There are many reasons why people pick this software. Every user has their point of view about why they have decided to go with their choices. But most users use this software because of the following features supported by Advanced SystemCare 14:

Speed up your PC

Why is your PC so slow? The reasons come one after another, but we surely don’t know all of them. Many Windows apps and programs are running at system startups. An unknown application or service is running and occupying memory. Hard disk defragmentation is insufficient. Advanced SystemCare makes all these difficulties and issues go away in one go and refreshes your PC.

Clean your PC with AI

How can we wipe a computer clean of unwanted files and data? Let the AI mode clear your computer and preserve your time. Advanced SystemCare can design a personalized plan for you with the new AI mode and scan and erase large amounts of junk files, unwanted logs, and caches, which are the remnants from third-party tools and browsers, including Windows 10 systems. It always knows about your optimization habits and PC performance status and will easily find out your PC problems and errors and fix them all for you. You can get a new PC just with one click.

Speed up the Internet

Are you concerned about slow video streaming or downloading? Increasing the speed of the Internet is a must-have skill for everyone, especially for those who work remotely at home. Advanced SystemCare’s Internet Booster will smartly improve your Internet speed by diagnosing your PC and network and maximizing network bandwidth with a single click.

Advanced SystemCare 14 is a perfectly working system sustaining mechanism. It does not occupy multiple system resources. It also frees up RAM from unwanted programs and services. And it will increase the speed of your computer by 200%.

How to install Advanced SystemCare 14?


You can download the setup file from the IObit official site. The software file size is about 48MB. It is 10MB larger than the previous version but contains more features.


  • The user interface is friendly and is convenient, and simple to manage
  • Efficient maintenance methods
  • Protect your private data online and offline
  • Provides many useful tools at one time
  • Smart AI mode


  • Does not support Mac and Linux operating systems

Final Words

IObit Advanced SystemCare 14 is a fully functional system maintenance tool. It does not utilize several system resources. The software frees up RAM from unwanted programs and services and will increase your computer’s speed by about 200%. After using it, you will feel that the operation of your computer system has become smooth to some extent. 

Windows creates several internal data over time as you open files and software. Many tools claim to clean junk and speed up your PC system, but they don’t. Advanced SystemCare 14 is a very valuable tool in this context. You can completely clean your PC with it. Lastly, the scanning process will not affect your experience and computer’s performance.



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