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How to Find Weak Points and Rebuild your Business



You have noticed that lately, things have been going somehow not that productively as during the past years of your campaigns. Something appears to be slowing the process down. The profit keeps being on the same level if not even lower. Thus it is high time to go through your business techniques and strategies in order to see whether there must be some massive change done. Answer the following questions provided in the article and define where there is a leaking pipe. You are welcome to grab suggested solutions to bring the success back.

When have you relooked at the design affairs?

The answer: Why? It seems lovely.

So, if you are in the “lovely” category we suggest you…to leave it. New design trends and the demands for visual representation appear annually, if not even more frequently. You have to follow the most current tendencies and implement the ideas to your design campaigns. Of course, there is a graphic identity of your brand that aligns with certain visual choices. But do not stress out: that you keep intact and dance around it with the novelties on the market. Design software lets almost everybody plenty of opportunities to meet their goals, either you have to use an Instagram story maker to spice up the audience’s interest, or you need an exclusive template to liven things up with your newsletters ( if there are any, we’ll talk a bit later about it), help yourself.

When was the last time you updated the target audience data?


The answer:  Well, I know who my followers/customers/clients are.

You know who they are. However, what if there are some changes, shifts in preferences, new ways of the world’s perception, or simply new people appearing in your business realm and not yet sure should they proceed with you, or not. Your analytics tools must be your “bestest” friends since they equip you with valuable data on how to find the most working approach to people interested in your business and deliver to them things that they exactly need. When everything you do is indeed client-oriented, then the conversions happen and the profit maximizes. Isn’t that what you indeed need?

How meaningful is your social media presence?

The answer: I am on all the social media platforms. Is there more?

Yes, it is. It is not about quantity as always it is about quality. It is not enough to just BE on social media. You must have a strategically developed behavior, different for different channels. No random posting, no frivolous design ( just because I feel like), no irrelevant content. That all needs to have a defined means of presentation, Your posting must convey a message and provoke action. Things you do must align with the information you have about your target audience. You must be active and involved in the life of your following community. Your business account must be separated from the personal one. However, they both must share a resemblance and be authentically interrelated.

Is email marketing included in your marketing campaign?

The answer: I think, no one reads emails anymore.

According to Statista data, 294 billion emails were sent in 2019, and 347.3 are expected to be sent in 2021 on a daily basis. Apparently, if we talk about such numbers here, then there is somebody who actually reads them and marketers gain profits from them. Segmentation in emails leads to 760% revenues.  89% of marketers have been using emails successfully getting ROIs levels to grow and conversions maximize. Therefore, it sounds just about right to start thinking through your mailing strategy and newsletter updates.

Is there frequent video content for your audience?

The answer: Not much, too time-consuming, no equipment, etc.

All those reasons might be true. Yet it is indeed beneficial to actually try and incorporate videos into your business promotion. People love watching, even more than reading. People make their buying decisions after watching the video. Videos deliver meaningful information faster and in a more entertaining way. Wordstream says that 51% of marketers see videos to be the type of content that results in the highest ROIs.


Are you all about business?

The answer: I am a business person, ain’t I?

You do business, you sell, you earn your living that way, make the world a better place to be, etc. Despite that, when promoting your business to the audience, be close to your audience, create an impression of being one of the group. Make them feel appreciated, show respect and love, even if the purchase did not happen. Interact with your followers. Show that you do not recycle people after they commit to buying, keep on being friendly and supportive with their concerns.

To sum up

Those questions help you figure out what’s been glitching lately in your well-formed business structure. Following the ideas provided in the article might assist you in taking the right path for improvement and maximizing your marketing potential. 



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