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How to Fix Firestick which Keeps Restarting



It’s frustrating and irritating when you are watching your favourite TV show or movie, and suddenly your Firestick streaming device reboots by itself. This is a common occurrence with Firestick devices, which is mostly caused by minor technical issues.

Amazon Firestick is designed with high intelligence to ensure they provide the best online streaming experience. Amazon has created a home entertainment system offering exclusive TV shows, kid’s entertainment, music, movies, documentaries, and more.

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However, like any streaming hardware device, Firestick can experience errors and malfunctions. Some can be minor and may only require a simple restart or reset of the device. This prompts questions like how to reset Firestick or how to restart Firestick.

But, if the problem persists, the user might need to implement other greater solutions. The Firestick rebooting issue is generated mostly due to the intermittent power supply. 

Ways to Troubleshoot & Fix Amazon Firestick or Fire TV Device Keeps Restarting Issue

In this article, we will learn more about a few effective ways to fix the problem with your Amazon Fire TV or Firestick device that keeps rebooting or restarting.

Solution #1 – Using the Official Firestick Accessories instead of Third-Party Options

When you purchased the Fire Stick, it comes with a complete package of original accessories. Issues come up if the user misplaces the original USB cable or adapter and connects some other third-party accessories. It might lead to Firestick misbehaving or not working at all. You can try using the original accessories or purchase new ones from the official store. Now, you can check if this will solve the restarting problems.

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Solution #2 – Replacing USB Cable

The micro USB cables are prone to malfunctions and can stop working anytime. Issues with the cable can cause your Firestick to restart several times. It is advisable to change the cable or purchase a new USB cable if problems start to arise. Now you can inspect your Fire Stick, and if the problem persists, you can try another solution on this page.

Solution #3 – Changing Power Adapter

Firestick adapters operate differently from other accessories. The device comes with a 1AMP power adapter. The user can change it and use a similar adapter with high power to solve the problem. However, Firestick devices work best with their kind of accessories. So, if you need to get a new adapter, try to buy a new one from official sources.

Solution #4 – Plug the Firestick Directly into the Power Outlet 

The majority of Firestick users connect the device using a USB cable to the TV. The USB might not be able to provide sufficient ample power to run your Firestick. Ensure that you unplug the device and plug it directly into the power source for a better power supply. This will stop reboot issues since the power is now ample and consistent.

Solution #5 – Remove Any Extension

Power and extensions can cause restarting problems. The extension power supply may be less, causing the device to reboot. The user should remove the extensions and connect the Firestick directly.

Solution #6 – Remove other HDMI-connected Devices

Modern TV sets are fitted with two or more HDMI ports on their back panels. This allows the user to plug in multiple devices on the TV. However, this can affect your Firestick device and might cause frequent rebooting. Try removing all the other HDMI connections except the Firestick and see whether the issue is solved. You can plug the device back one by one to identify the device affecting your Firestick.

Solution #7 – Turn off your HDMI CEC Device Control


It is possible to control your TV using Firestick. The HDMI CEC control feature on your TV helps control your HDMI devices using one remote. However, the features are different based on the model. The user should turn off the HDMI CEC of the Firestick. The solution has helped some Firestick users to solve the restarting problem. 

To turn off the feature, go to the settings page of the Firestick device. Select Display and Sound and proceed to HDMI CEC Device Control. Next, select the Turn Off button, now check whether the Firestick stops rebooting or not.

The above solutions work for different users. You can try any of the solutions and see the results on your device. However, if the issue persists, you can check with Amazon’s customer support to help you repair the problem or replace your Firestick with a new one.



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