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How to Optimize and Enjoy Gaming on Macbook More



If you asked Macbook owners how they feel about gaming on their computers now, they would probably tell you that things have improved a lot when compared to how it was before.

Macs continue to receive hardware upgrades, and the future seems pretty bright. But does this mean that you can enjoy AAA video games on Macbooks? Well, it is hard to tell, as so much depends on the game’s requirements.

When compared to consoles and personal computers, Macs still fall short. Nevertheless, it does not mean that you cannot enjoy gaming on a Macbook.

If you are experiencing performance problems, the causes may lie elsewhere. Think of this article as an instruction guide that provides suggestions on how to speed up your Mac’s performance and, ultimately, getting the most out of playing video games.

Tips to Improve and Optimize your Mac for Gaming

Credit: Ikhsan Sugiarto/Unsplash

Suggestion #1 – Clean Dust Inside

In case you had your Mac for a while and have never cleaned the dust inside, it is understandable that the computer will underperform.

Removing the filth inside can be tricky if you lack the experience. Taking a laptop apart without knowing what you are doing is risky since you may damage the hardware. In such cases, you would be better off taking the Macbook to a computer service store and paying professionals to do the job.

Cleaning the dust inside the Macbook should be a regular thing. Besides improving the overall performance, you will also not have to worry about overheating and loud internal fan noise as much.

Suggestion #2 – Invest in Accessories

Credit: John Petalcurin/Pexels

Speaking of loud fan noise and overheating, an accessory like a cooling pad is a good investment. It helps you by working as an extra source of cool air.

A cooling pad is not the only computer accessory you could purchase. A real gamer needs the right keyboard, a gaming mouse, a headphone set, and other components that allow one to immerse in video games even more.

Suggestion #3 – Get Enough Disk Space

Modern video games require a lot of drive space. If you are stuck with just a few free gigabytes of free storage on your hard drive or solid-state drive, it is natural that the Macbook will struggle to perform.

You need to free up disk space and aim for at least 15% of total storage to be free. Delete files you no longer need, including old applications, downloads, and email attachments.

Transferring data to external storage devices and clouds would help as well. Also, do not forget about streaming platforms that allow you to consume media directly instead of keeping large files on the computer. Music, movies, and TV shows are available on sites like Spotify, Netflix, and Hulu.

Suggestion #4 – Confirm the Computer Is Virus-Free

Even a minor virus could lead to significant performance problems. Scan the computer regularly to make sure that the system is malware-free. Relying entirely on antivirus software in the background is not the best approach because it can miss a potential threat.

Besides having reliable antivirus software, you can further increase your cybersecurity by enabling the firewall and sticking to virtual private networks when surfing the net. The latter also helps with online privacy and allows you access to geo-restricted websites.

Suggestion #5 – Add New Hardware If Possible

Credit: Infralist/Unsplash

Not all Macs are compatible with external hardware. However, if your model allows for an upgrade and you have the money to spend, then go for it.

Some examples of adding additional hardware include extra RAM and an external graphics processing unit. Replacing hard drives with solid-state drives is also quite common.

If you are on a tight budget but would still like to improve the Macbook’s hardware, wait for the holiday season when computer components go on sale. That will save you some money.

Suggestion #6 – Make Sure the Software Is Updated

Do not miss system updates. Even if it takes a while to download or install an OS update, you should still prioritize it for multiple reasons. A new and upgraded operating system will offer the latest features, security upgrades, and the most recent performance improvements.

Suggestion #7 – Close Redundant Background Apps

Credit: Anthony Choren/Unsplash

If a video game requires a lot of resources, it is natural that closing background applications will help with the performance. Having redundant background apps is not recommended. There are some exceptions, like antivirus, but you can close your antivirus if you are playing games on reliable platforms like Steam. The chances of encountering malware on Steam are almost non-existent.

Suggestion #8 – Change In-Game Settings

Video game developers include in-game settings for a reason. Different computer specs call for variation when it comes to graphics, visual effects, resolution, full-screen and windowed mode, and other settings.

Tinker with the in-game settings until you find a setup that offers the best possible performance without sacrificing the in-game looks too much so you can enjoy gaming as much as possible.



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