Modern Way to Track a Person’s Location by Phone Number

People use their phones for so many things, as digital functions and processes are directly more accessible than ever. Nowadays, you can remotely get location information on someone’s device with minimal detection.

Tracking someone’s location could be helpful in any of the mentioned situations and allows you to be more proactive. 

But, how do you track someone by just their phone number? This article will show the modern way to monitor someone’s location without getting all into their business.

Tracking Someone’s Location Using Their Phone Number: Is This Possible?

You can track people’s location with their phone numbers. There are several genuine reasons you could have for monitoring someone’s location. For instance, you could be a parent concerned about your teen’s whereabouts or an employer seeking to know how the employees use the company phones while at work. 

Furthermore, numerous services allow you to spy on someone’s location and would require no extra installations. Most of the applications are web-based, suitable for accessing your tracked data from anywhere in the world.

How Does Tracking Others’ Location by Cell Phone Number Work?

The concept behind tracking by cell phone number is straightforward. Typically, the service requires you to input the cell phone number complete with the country code. 

Then, it runs the number through the mobile service provider. This parsing is necessary to triangulate the location from the device in which the cell phone number exists.

You’d get information such as point location on a map, coordinates, and location time. Some tracking services may also show you the person’s route history and accuracy measurements. 

Bear in mind that a location tracker would only work if the SIM is functional and the person’s device is active.

Image credit: Steve Buissinne/Pixabay

How to Track Someone’s Location on Android?

If you wish to track the location of someone using an Android device, you can use a tracker app like mSpy. This software is compatible with Android OS up from Android 4.0 and can accurately track a person’s location.

Moreover, you can set “safe zones” within the application, so you get notified when the target leaves the area. This feature is especially suitable for parents who don’t want their kids to wander off. 

You can also set location history and frequently visited places within mSpy. Bear in mind though, that some features may require rooting the target device to function fully.

How to Track a Person’s Location on an iPhone?

If you’ve got work with an iPhone, tracking someone’s location is slightly different from Android. For starters, you’d need an iOS version starting from iOS 7 to run mSpy. 

Also, you may need to jailbreak the target iPhone or turn off the iCloud backup service for the mSpy app to work optimally. 

Furthermore, you’d be getting similar feature sets with Android ones. These include accurate location tracking, geofencing, and route history. 

You may find the tracking software behaving differently than you’d expect sometimes. The iPhone software framework is stricter, and spy apps have to operate over several security layers.


Tracking someone’s location may sound unethical, but there are real scenarios where doing so can be valid. Parents would like to keep their children from harm’s way, even if it means tracking their kids’ location by their cell phone number to prevent a nasty incident. Company managers may also use location tracking apps to ensure employees remain on their designated jobs during office hours. People in relationships use spy software if they suspect their loved one may be cheating on them.

The methods explained above should give an idea of where to begin tracking a person’s location by phone. The solutions work for both Android and iPhone devices and are often accurate with the results.

However, keep in mind that location tracking applications vary in complexity. Some of them come in bundled packages with other features such as SMS and browser tracking. These options may have more technical requirements. You might need to jailbreak or root the target device for iPhones and Android phones, respectively.


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