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How to Recover & Restore a Corrupted or Damaged Excel File



If you encounter problems such as “Excel not working as expected” or the ribbon at the top of the screen does not appear, try restarting your computer first. If that doesn’t work, try booting into safe mode. If all else fails, try repairing your Office programs.

There are two ways to carry out the repairs:

  1. Quick repair
  2. Online repair

Quick Repair only recovers corrupted files and finishes quickly. Online repair takes a long time because it uninstalls and re-installs the program once. First, try to perform a quick repair, and if it doesn’t help, try Recovery Toolbox for Excel.

While it is true that there are a large number of companies on the market that develop and sell data recovery software, they usually do not tell you (except for data recovery applications, the creators of which also provide professional data recovery services) that there is a wide range of reasons for data loss. Many of them cannot be eliminated by any application, that is, programmatically without proper technical intervention.

Recovery Toolbox for Excel can handle these complex and difficult situations. Here is a link to the program website.

Recovery Toolbox for Excel is a data recovery software that can help you to recover data on Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10.

Recovery Toolbox for Excel also comes with an online version that allows repairing files on any existing OS and devices and does not require downloading.

What can Recovery Toolbox for Excel do for you and what situations can you try to resolve?

  • Repair damaged files. 
  • Rescue files after a system crash, such as a power outage. 
  • Computer virus infection. 
  • After accidentally deleting data. 
  • After formatting the disk.
  • Use other programs to cope with different file formats

File recovery cannot help you if your storage medium has been physically damaged.

Irreparable Situations

No matter how reputable the company is or how good (expensive) the software is, it will not be possible to recover data by software if the storage medium is physically damaged (electromechanical). These are, for example, defects of the following types:

  • Faulty external disk electronics
  • Massive appearance of bad sectors and disk platters defects
  • Faulty disk read/write heads
  • Seized disc bearing
  • Faulty hard disk service area
  • Damaged controller and memory blocks on the card or flash drive.


If data is not available due to physical damage to the media, working with such a disk will worsen its condition. Never run data recovery software on discs that have obvious signs of mechanical damage, are unstable, or even have an atypical acoustic expression. This can be described as extremely risky.

The vast majority of professionally (commercially) developed applications focused on recovering excel files, intended for the SOHO segment, that is, for use in small companies and especially individuals at home.

Recover Files After Overwriting

Recovering files after overwriting, i.e. after installing a new operating system on the hard disk or in the case of taking new photos on a formatted memory card, is always a very individual question and depends on the density of the overwrite.

Again, stop writing to the affected medium, the sooner the better. For example, if you are installing an operating system, complete the installation procedure by disconnecting the device from the network. However, even in these cases, it is often possible to restore the original excel files.

Recovering Files without the Ability to Recover the Directory Structure

Image credit: Recovery Toolbox for Excel

In cases where it is no longer possible to find information about the original directory structure, it is possible to find both common file types, for example, Microsoft Excel * .xls, * .xlsx.

With the help of the tool, you can view almost any file. The interface is similar to Microsoft Windows Explorer and is just as simple and easy to use. You can have multiple windows open to view different files, and you can add notes to files. An interesting feature of the program is the ability to create reviewed projects and templates. Another advantage is the high speed of loading and displaying files, which is especially good for graphic files.

Most of the high-quality applications used for file recovery are paid, but in addition to the full commercial version, distributors usually offer various functionally limited free trials (demo, trial – usually the limitation is the inability to save the found files, file size limitation to 32kB, etc.). etc.).

Recovery Toolbox for Excel belongs to the group of free data recovery applications. With this program, you can recover accidentally deleted data on your hard drive. However, the app offers a lot more. The program can also read data from memory cards. All you have to do is let the tool scan the media on which the data was lost and simply restore the ones you need after looking at the files it finds. You can search for results in saved files. You can get back data that you have lost in some way with relative ease.

Thus, if a user wants to try to recover data himself and is sure that the medium is physically sound, he has a limited opportunity to find out whether the utility being used can help him or not. This is where Recovery Toolbox for Excel comes to the rescue. A guide in these cases is usually a preview, for example, of the directory structure found.

If afterward, you think that everything “looks” good, you have the opportunity to purchase the full version for data recovery. However, if you subsequently find, for example, that important files are corrupted and unusable, you will certainly not be successful in resolving the complaint. Result: You don’t have important data, you wasted money. Not to mention the possible risk of damage to the media or files on it (this does not apply only to the logical loss of data).

Unlike the previous risky trial and error method, Recovery Toolbox for Excel creates professional and proven processes that guarantee free assessment (i.e. free diagnostics), when only based on clear results of this assessment, the media owner decides to entrust data to recovery specialists who will be rewarded only in case of success, either do without their data or try another way to save their files, for example, the self-help of Recovery Toolbox for Excel?


Image credit: Recovery Toolbox for Excel

You can install the program on your computer using the said file or from the site online. The whole process takes less than a minute. For those who are new to this business, the site has instructions for installing software. Just follow it and repeat exactly what is written. Right after installation, you can start using the program. 

  • To do this, you just need to double-click on the program shortcut.
  • Then select a damaged Excel file from your computer.
  • View the information that the program has recovered.
  • Export the information if you are satisfied with the results.
  • View the exported information.

In Conclusion

This software has already gained a reputation and positive user reviews. Despite the growing competition, Recovery Toolbox for Excel from Recovery Toolbox takes leading positions among software vendors.

Today, this is the best solution for home and office, which will not force you to look for other ways to solve this problem. In addition, the software is free and does not require activation of a user account or a trial, let alone a paid period.



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