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How to Reduce the Amount of Time You Spend Online



It is well known that social media can be somewhat addictive, and the average amount of screen time has increased significantly over the past two years. Here are some tips on reducing the amount of time you spend online.

Set Social Media Limits

In the United States, the average time spent on social media is more than two hours and three minutes each day. It doesn’t come as a surprise that how much time we spend online usually comes down to our technological age, with younger demographics spending more time on social media. According to an ExpressVPN survey, 11% of participants said they spend more than five hours a day on TikTok alone.

Social media has many benefits, giving us the opportunity to make social connections. However, excessive scrolling through your favorite social media can have negative consequences.

Out of sight, out of mind! Even if it is a little challenging, one of the simplest things to do is to delete your social media from your phone completely. You can still log in from your laptop or another device, but it will limit the habit of checking in on your socials constantly. Set a day when you have a social media-free day, or even a longer period of time if you can. Setting some rules for yourself and having self-control is key to successfully reducing the amount of unnecessary time you spend online.

How to Limit Social Media Time You Spend & Waste Online
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Take Breaks Often

Setting time limits and reducing your time online can be a lot more challenging when it comes to non-recreational activities. But it is also important to take regular breaks from your screen while working or studying. It improves productivity, and it will also reduce the feeling of boredom.

The Pomodoro method is a great and easy way to keep you focused and take breaks often. The problem is that we often use our breaks to check our Facebook or shop online. The point is to have a break from screens and reset. Don’t leave it to chance, but rather plan ahead what you can do for five minutes that doesn’t require a screen, go for a short walk, have a healthy snack, or do some stretches.

Track Your Screen Time

You can quickly lose track of time when you are online, so tracking your screen time and being more aware of what you are doing will help you see clearly where you might be wasting time. Nowadays, most devices already have built-in screen time settings that you can use to easily see exactly what you spend the most time doing online or simply download a digital tracker.

Once you understand where you are wasting time, try to minimize it by setting boundaries like not using your phone at dinner times or watching screens in bed. Think of ways you would rather use that time, hobbies, projects, or something creative or active.

Reducing your screen time by even just 30 minutes a day can go a long way to improving your mental health and give you back a little extra time for something you truly enjoy.



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