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How Can I Send a Fax Without a Fax Machine



With all the scientific innovations that have baffled humanity with their extraordinary uses, the digital world is the ultimate gateway to new horizons. Fax is an uncommon mode for transferring user data across miles and is employed for a multitude of other tasks as well.

Although sending a fax is a burdensome task and requires you to buy a fax machine in the first place as well as incorporating certain other hurdles to send the message across. You can now send a fax online without any hustle and complications. CocoFax is a competent service you need for digital fax transfer:

CocoFax: A Paper-Free Online Fax Service

Credit: CocoFax

CocoFax is an online service that facilitates you in sending and receiving fax without any issue. You can easily click here to know all about this utilitarian service. The most extensive feature of this application is that you do not require a bulky fax machine or any kind of paperwork for sending or receiving fax anytime.

CocoFax is the only application you can blindly trust for the safe and secure transmission of your fax. The service is customer-oriented and leaves no stone unturned in bestowing the best of services for a large audience. You can always resort to GoogleFaxFree and check its authenticity for yourself. CocoFax is renowned and endorsed by several digital pioneers such as PC World, New York Times, iGeeksBlog, Top 10 Reviews, and Life Hacker.

The Feasibility of CocoFax

Credit: CocoFax

CocoFax is a potent application with almost zero pre-requisites and extraordinary privileges that it endows to the users for free. The best thing about this application is that it has changed the old traditional methods of fax transfer and has rectified all the issues that once hampered a promising fax experience.

CocoFax is a digitally oriented application and imparts digital benefits to the users to ensure feasibility and rapid fax transfer. CocoFax does not require a landline service and therefore you can now easily send or receive a fax on your mobile phone or pc provided that a stable internet connection is available.

CocoFax has also eliminated the stress of a fax number and has therefore eased the use and comfort in fax transfer. CocoFax provides you with a free digital fax number that can be easily remembered and can be employed to transfer fax anytime for one month. You can subscribe to inexpensive packages afterward.

What Do You Need To Use CocoFax?

CocoFax Features

CocoFax prioritizes the needs of users and ensures that all of the services being provided are easy and comfortable to use. The first requirement is that you need a stable internet connection to guarantee the transmission of your fax digitally. Once you are connected to the internet, you can always use CocoFax from anywhere in the world regardless of location, time or device.

A fax number is a necessity that is a prerequisite for your fax transmission. Once you are allotted a fax number, you can always send or receive fax through the CocoFax dashboard that can be toggled in from any device. The dashboard is a great interface to send or receive a fax.

A fax number is a viable number that is required for sending the documents. It poses a certain familiarity with the E-mail address and therefore assurance of a correct fax number is a must for hurdle-less transfer of fax anywhere in the world.

The Procedure for Sending Fax

CocoFax prioritizes customers by not binding them to a certain restriction but allowing an easy and portable fax transfer service. CocoFax can be used anywhere and can be employed for any fax transfer need. Here are the few steps to get things going:

Step 1:

Credit: CocoFax

With a stable internet connection, toggles open the official site of CocoFax that is cocofax.com to start the fax process. The free trial option is clear on the official page of CocoFax. Click the option to avail of the free trial for 30 days. Once you are registered, make sure that you select a fax number that will be allotted to you.

Step 2:

Credit: CocoFax

CocoFax requires you to enter certain credentials such as the E-mail Address, therefore, you must ensure all of your details are correct and latest. CocoFax synchronizes your email with your account. Once details are put in, you are now ready to send a fax to the recipient.

Step 3:

Now, all you have to do is to click the option known as “Send Fax”. This will open a new tab that requires you to put the fax number of the recipient. You are required to add a suffix after the fax number. At last, click on the attach option to send the desired file to the desired person. Sending a fax has never been this easy!

Credit: CocoFax

How To Receive Fax Via CocoFax?

The best service of CocoFax is that it immediately transfers the fax to the person you require it to. CocoFax ensures that it requires no other charges or complications to send the fax immediately. Likewise, it is highly effective and brilliant in helping the person receive the fax in less than a minute. The digital library of the CocoFax application is huge and stores numerous fax messages.

Moreover, it is also highly useful and time-saving as it immediately translates the TIFF file into a digital PDF file within a minute and delivers it over to the internal storage space. This saves time as well as wash away the stress of converting all the files after receiving them. CocoFax is henceforth, an unmatchable service for sending or receiving your digital fax.

Wrapping It Up

CocoFax is a class apart whenever it comes to the process of digitally send or receiving a fax on your device. CocoFax ensures that the services are well-maintained and useful for the customers to enjoin in the digital and easy transfer of fax across different devices. Make sure that you employ CocoFax in your digital transfer of fax to enjoy unlimited privileges!



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