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How to Set Up GameLoop on your PC?



GameLoop is an excellent android emulator utilized by a lot of users for playing Tencent’s games like Call Of Duty and PUBG mobile on the Windows 10 computer. GameLoop is particularly created for gaming and allows Windows users to install and play Android games right on their desktops and laptops.

The Windows version of GameLoop is available to download for free. It is considered one of the best emulator out in the market today. It helps users play some of the popular Android games on PC.

How Can you Download GameLoop for your Computer?

Credit: GameLoop

To download and install the GameLoop program to your computer, you need to follow a few simple steps:

  • First, download the .exe file of the Gameloop emulator.
  • Then go to the download folder on the computer and look for the downloaded file.
  • Double-click on the downloaded file to open and run it on the computer.
  • Agree to the terms & conditions > be prepared for installing the tool.

How Can you Install GameLoop on Windows 10 Computer?

  • After downloading the emulator, you’ll see the install button; simply click on it.
  • Just as the installation is finished, you’ll see the open option; click it for proceeding.

Tweaking The Emulator Settings

Credit: GameLoop

Now before jumping into the game, you may desire to tweak some settings for your emulator itself to ensure it is running at its best on the system. Click the three horizontal lines from the top of your screen to locate them.

Resolution And Screenshot Directory:

You will probably want to leave the renderer on the default Auto, but you can simply tweak things such as resolution and the screenshot directory; like this, you can easily make your emulator window fill the screen from that full user interface feel and make sure the bug reports and comedic skills are not lost to some distant folder buried deep in the recovery drive.

Processor Threads And Memory Allowance:

The major settings you may desire to change are things such as processor threads and memory allowance. If such does not denote anything to you, leave them on as defaults. But if you acquaint how much CPU or memory threads you are capable of sparing, decreasing, or increasing, such options can assist in ensuring the system copes with the game load on top of the other vital background tasks.

A Second System:

With an emulator such as GameLoop, you are basically running a 2nd system within your Windows. So if you do not desire the general computing speed for grinding to a halt on the lesser system, you will desire to make sure the emulator is not sapping a lot of resources the PC requires for running Windows proficiently.

On the high-end system, you will likely have many computing power going unused while running the mobile emulator, so either leave everything be and simply accept them or decrease or increase the allowances of the emulator for running exactly how you would want.

Game Settings:

Then there is the general Game settings section. Again, you will desire to leave it as default 720P if you are not too certain of the power of the system, but if you acquaint what you have bought, you can up that to 1080P or 2K if the screen can go that high. It purely can control the gaming window size.



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