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How Technology is Solving Customer Service Problems



Providing great customer service is one of the most important parts of your business. In a highly competitive market such as the tech market, if you cannot offer supreme service, your customers will go elsewhere. As you work in tech, your customers will also expect you to integrate innovative technology into the ways you help them. Here are just a few of the ways emerging tech is helping improve customer service across multiple industries.

Staying on Top of Help Requests

Managing customer’s requests for assistance can be complex and time-consuming. If you miss one, forget one, or one just slips through the cracks, you risk losing that client forever. When dealing with requests, you’re also reliant on the efficiency of your team, which of course, can be prone to human error. Thankfully, there are software solutions out there that can automate the process. The SolarWinds service request software simplifies the help desk process and issues tickets in queues in a streamlined manner.

These types of software make it much easier for customer service agents, technicians, and other professionals in your company, to assist your clients. There are also facilities for pulling off a variety of reports and statistics so you can monitor the service being given at all times. This allows you to ensure that customers are being treated with priority as a standard.

Upping Customer Service Standards

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Artificial intelligence is gloriously making its way from the realm of science fiction to that of mainstream adoption. It’s finding more and more viable use cases each day and is being seamlessly integrated without many of us even realizing it. From AI home assistants and search functions on our mobiles to chatbots on websites and via email. AI use in customer services has been incredibly helpful. It allows companies to adopt 24/7 customer services as well as to better categorize and direct requests. Using chatbots on social media, email, and the website means AI can answer FAQs, assign ticket numbers, or direct them to a specific department. This is great for companies with international audiences, small budgets, or just those that want to improve their response time.

Clients will often go elsewhere if their queries are not answered or resolved quickly. The use of AI can significantly improve their service, therefore retaining customers and increasing loyalty. This directly translates into higher revenue and greater customer satisfaction.

Preempting Clients Needs

What if you could preempt your client’s needs, issues, and questions before they even vocalized them? It sounds impossible, but this is exactly what big data and machine learning are achieving. Together they are analyzing client behavior, profiles, information, and other characteristics to understand what they want from you. This data is constantly fed and can be acquired from various sources all over the internet.

It is used to help companies develop better solutions and customized experiences for users. It can also help in offering personalized services and preempting situations where they may not be satisfied with the product or service.

Feeling inspired? Remember, staying on top of the best and most innovative ways to offer customer service will greatly improve your business prospects and the relationship with your clients.



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