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List of Top Extensions for Browser Every Student Should Have



Computers are invaluable in academia. They allow students to reach any information quickly and complete homework. Moreover, with the world going off and on, computers are the only means of attending classes during the lockdown.

Having a laptop is certainly a common thing among students. With technological development, it is hard to imagine student life without a device. Without a computer, you not only lower your chances of passing the course, but you also negatively impact your productivity.

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Laptops and computers are bliss, indubitably. However, they aren’t as helpful as they can be without using specific extensions. This article points out the best plugins for your browser that will help you score a high grade and make sure you complete your homework on time.

Which Browser Suits Students the Most: Three A-Level Browsers

Before, though, it would be thoughtful to review the best browsers. See, browsers are like intermediaries between you and the information you might be seeking. Every time you look for a page, your browser processes your query and provides you with the necessary results. “But whatever I look for, any browser that uses Google search will provide me with the same results.” And you are right. But browsers aren’t about that only.

See, they are much more complicated and play a pivotal role in your privacy. Behind browsers are entire teams of data miners, analytics, and programmers. And they evaluate your searches to tie you to various products and companies. Some even trade your personal information.

Of course, as long as you don’t include personal info and do anything that goes against the law, you don’t need to worry about anything. Still, wouldn’t you feel better knowing that you are not being watched from the other side of the display?

Choosing a browser for privacy is just a matter of time. And although you might be satisfied with your choice now, you will eventually want to replace it with something more secure so that no one will know whether you are looking for a cheap essay writing service, spa salon, or restaurant. The following are top browsers for privacy:

Firefox: Firefox has been known as a sophisticated and private browser. People have been using Mozilla for years, as it provides excellent features and guarantees security.

Brave: Appeared several years ago, Brave is the brainchild of programmers that created Firefox. Supposedly, they eliminated the flaws Mozilla has and made Brave the better version of Firefox.

Epic: Epic has recently turned 11 years. It is a browser that has one primary goal – to keep people unwatched and secure. Epic has a private browsing mode set by default, and once you close the tab, every query gets wiped clean.

The mentioned browsers will keep your data under lock and key and provide you with top-notch services. Alternatively, you may use browsers like Chrome, Edge, Opera, and Safari. They may offer more extensions. However, they may be less reliable in terms of privacy.

Must-Have Extensions for Students

Extensions are plugins that allow users to run apps without opening new tabs or running apps. Many extensions are also embedded in pages (read on to see examples), meaning they can operate within the website.

Without a shade of a doubt, multiple extensions exist these days. Depending on your preferences, you can download and use various plugins daily. Below are first-rate extensions that will come in handy for each and every student, regardless of their interests, involvements, and activities.

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Of everything that college may teach us, being accurate and understandable is of the greatest importance. Through writing, students learn to critically evaluate sources and ideas and take a stance, backing it up with authoritative thoughts.

Essay writing is a predominant task. And it often highly impacts students’ final grades. That’s why teachers check such assignments scrupulously. Even a minor grammar error can spoil an average grade.

Thanks to Grammarly, you no longer have to worry about concealed mistakes. Grammarly is a trailblazer in the spell-checking world. Created in 2009, it became the most used spell checker and has received outstanding reviews from world-class journalists and writers.

The great thing about the app is that it has an extension available in many apps. That is, Grammarly can check mistakes when you write emails or essays. It also works perfectly well with presentations and even messengers! With Grammarly, your writing will always be bold and clear. Click here to try this tool for free.

Stay Focusd

Low productivity is one of the significant pitfalls students encounter nowadays. Notifications, emails, and calls – they all are detrimental to the person’s attention and focus. And while putting the device on airplane mode is an option, it isn’t applicable when you need to use the laptop to complete the home assignment. In such instances, Stay Focusd is a tremendous helper. In simple terms, the extension blocks unnecessary apps and allows the user to entirely focus on the task until it’s done.

Power Thesaurus

Since papers are essential in school, students aspire to use all resources and means to compose an impeccable essay. And although employing Grammarly is the right thing to do, it is still not enough to score high.

Another determining aspect of well-written papers is their vocabulary. The more proficient vocabulary the writer uses, the better its influence on the reader.

Power thesaurus is an excellent plugin that not only provides exhaustive definitions to words. It also gives numerous synonyms, which is super helpful, especially with the most repetitive words. Used in moderation, Power Thesaurus will jazz up your writing and endow it with a unique style.


If you have ever written an essay, you know that following a citation style is a pain in the neck. It is no surprise that essay writing relies on scholarly materials. Without referring to credible sources, students are unlikely to get satisfactory grades for their papers.

Besides identifying the page, you should include the authors, title, publication year, and many more elements. Manually creating citations may be acceptable with one to five-page papers. However, research papers and case studies, let alone B.A. and M.A. theses, require citation generators, like MyBib.

MyBib is a fantastic tool that has various advantages over other similar apps. First, it’s got a nifty extension that is fast, simple, and cool. Second, it’s free. You don’t have to pay anything to benefit from MyBib. Just log in and start creating sources.

Provided are four must-have apps for college students. Without them, studying will be burdensome and time-consuming. Additionally, students are highly encouraged to use Speechify, Adblock, Todoist, and Clockify.



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