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How to Use Guest Mode in Google Smart Speakers and Displays



Privacy is of paramount importance, most specially at home. Sometimes, we have guests and friends over, and we don’t want to reveal everything about ourselves. Unfortunately, having Google Smart speakers can risk giving away personal data since some guests know how Google Assistant works.

Now, Google takes note of user privacy and introduce a new way of keeping your private life more secure. You can activate the Guest Mode in your Google Home smart speakers and smart displays whenever you need to.

How Does Google Assistant Guest Mode Work?

Credit: Google

Without the Guest Mode on your Google Nest Hub Max or Google Nest Audio, your personalized results noted by Google Assistant is open for everyone to hear. But with the Guest Mode, it will not show any of these information while you continue saying your commands.

The Guest Mode feature controls and protects your privacy and makes sure that Google Assistant will stick to the general answers. For instance, it will not show your contacts, search history, or calendar entries. Google Assistant will still answer questions like the current time, set the timers for you, or play some music.

Enable & Use Guest Mode in Google Assistant Smart Speakers and Displays

Credit: Google

To start using the Guest Mode and be in control with your privacy, you will need to set it up and turn it on. Start by saying, “Hey Google, turn on Guest Mode.” Once enabled, you will see the Guest Mode icon found at the upper right corner of your speaker or display. That way, you will always know if the Guests Mode is on or not.

With the Guest Mode on, you and your friends can talk about anything you want without worrying about Google saving your interactions. If you are unsure if it is on, you can ask, “Hey Google, is the Guest Mode on?

Now, after using the Guest Mode, you can turn it off at any time. You can say, “Hey Google, turn off Guest Mode.” It will revert to your personalized settings.

What do your think of the Guest Mode on your Google smart speakers and smart displays? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.



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