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How to Use a Headset Mic on PC with One Jack



Using a headset mic with a single jack in your PC might be one of the most difficult tasks there is while working on your computer. When PCs and laptops weren’t used frequently about two decades ago, the systems that used to be released back then had two parts. One for the headset to receive the audio and the second for the microphone to send the audio.

Fast forward to today, there are no multiple ports present in devices and users only have to make do with a single one to which they need to connect a microphone as well as a pair of headsets for speaking and listening respectively. To make your experience the best, you can download different types of software from getintopc.today which can help you to improve your audio on your PC.

So many users themselves now have switched to single jack headsets, but why is this? Shouldn’t two different ports be more convenient for them since one can make you hear the audio while the other can help you send it? Let us first discuss this in detail below.

Why Do Users Opt For Single Jack Headsets?

Here are two major reasons why people now opt for single jack headphones.


Due to a single connection for both hearing and speaking, a single jack headset is less clumsy and allows you to save a large amount of your time without wires dangling everywhere. It also saves space so that you can put it anywhere conveniently. Additionally, you can also clean it with ease instead of a headset with multiple cords.


Flexibility is obtained in the sense that most mobile devices such as iPhones or the latest computers manage to utilize the 3.5mm jack. These items permit the functions of receiving and sending audio signals through a single link. Therefore, single jack headsets are compatible with many electronic devices.

In addition, if you would like to record anything using any software, a single headset jack will be ideal for you because it offers a great connection as a mic and as an audio output.

Functions of Input and Output Jack on a Headset

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Now we shall look into the basic functions of the input and output jack because we know the ease that they provide but what exactly is it that they do and how are they used for input as well as output or both?

Since we won’t be talking about the use of a splitter in this section, let us look at the important features as well as the basic structure of a 3.5mm jack which comes at the end of your headset’s wire.

With your naked eye, you can spot three rings around the jack. Each ring signifies for right audio, left audio, or the speaker. Older headphones usually have one ring which means that the headsets are monophonic. If you notice two rings then it implies that the headset possesses stereo audio without the input.

If you realize that there are three rings then your headset has stereo and input. For headsets having two earphone jacks, you can distinguish between the input and the output cord holding two separate rings. Make sure you plug the cables into the right jack if you have a laptop or a PC with multiple jacks. But we won’t be going into this in more detail since our topic of concern is a single jack.

When we have a single input, it allows you to speak through your microphone while the other stereo audio helps you listen to the sound.

Choosing the Best Headset Mic for Yourself

An important part of this entire narrative is to buy the right headset for yourself. You will need to look at a number of factors that will help you to buy the best headset microphone for yourself and we shall be advising you what you should look for in a headset before you actually buy one.


The design of the headset should be ideal in the sense that it brings you ultimate comfort. Not all headphones are comfortable when you wear them. Or even if they are comfortable, after you wear them for some time then they tend to hurt your ears and the areas around them.

Being a corded headset, it should have a design where the cord attached to it doesn’t dangle around and cause you a hindrance in your work. Plus, a good headset will also result in better gaming sessions. If you’re a gamer that is. Even if you are not, comfort is one of the first things you should see in a pair of headphones. 

Build Quality

The build quality is something that makes a pair of headsets stand out. When you choose one for yourself, make sure to choose one that lasts a long time and there is quality in its performance as well as its aesthetics.

In addition, this feature will affect the price and style of your headset. For an even better experience, you can buy Gold-plated connectors with excellent bending defiance that offers adequate durability and movability.

Make sure your headphone connector is fitted with a braided sheath and oxygen-free copper. A delicate and sturdy structure will also help it to remain balanced on your head.


It is in fact true when people say that the brand quality of a headset matters a lot. Although these brands might become pricey, the sound that they deliver is absolutely top-notch.

Some of the best performing brands are JBL, Bose, and Sennheiser which have the finest and crispest quality of sound that will ever grace your ears. Headphones of these brands also have built-in microphones in them which you can use as well. These companies produce reliable and durable products which are going to work for a long time without the need for any kind of replacements.

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How to Connect or Insert the Headset Jack to your Device

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We shall now be discussing the different ways on how you can connect your headset mic on different platforms with the system containing only a single jack.

For Windows 7 and Older

There are seven basic steps that will need to be followed if you are to insert your headset jack into a system that runs on Windows 7 or older. 

  • The first step here is to click on the Start button on the left corner of the PC screen after which you will click on the Control panel and open it.
  • Next, choose the Sound tab and then go on the Recording tab.
  • There are five different sound choices on the screen.
  • Left-click on the equipment you would like to choose then enter Set Default.
  • If you don’t know which device to select here then click on the Setup Microphone button after which Windows will automatically search for your inserted device.
  • After you’re done with this, run the changes after clicking on properties and then on Ok.

For Mac Users

The story doesn’t stay the same for Mac users and Windows users since the two are entirely different platforms.

  • The first step for Mac users is to choose the Volume icon or look for Sound in the icon Finder.
  • An alternative method to look for Sound is to access the Spotlight Search Tool and find out the Sound button.
  • Then select the Sound alternatives. When the settings show up, proceed to the input tab.
  • Click on the left corner to choose the device you want to connect. Make sure that the device is connected.

After you are done finishing all the steps, check the audio carefully if you can hear the sound of speaking conveniently without any stutters in your headset. 

For Current Windows Users

For users making use of current generation laptops with higher versions of Windows, their devices have a dual-purpose port which is made simply for one reason: to use a single jack for listening as well as for speaking.

This feature is made in accordance with the headsets that utilize the TRRS cord which permits both inputs as well as audio output. All you need to do is insert the headset into the port and you’re good to go. Plug your earphones with the microphone in your computer and immediately your device should recognize this new headset of yours.

Make sure to buy high-quality headphones as mentioned in the previous section and a single headset jacket to avoid problems later on. Nevertheless, you might find it a bit difficult to install a headset microphone with a single jack.

You can follow the steps given below to help you with this problem:

  • Right-click on the sound symbol on the taskbar after which you will open the sound settings on your PC.
  • Click on the Sound Control Panel at the right bottom corner.
  • Choose the Recording Tab.
  • After that, enter the microphone alternative and click set as default. Find the properties window and access it.
  • Then click on the Levels tab and adjust the volume level of your microphone with the volume you would like.

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