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How to View InstaStories Anonymously – Choosing Best Instagram Story Viewer for Android, iOS, PC



Do you feel the urge to view your ex’s IG story? Wish to execute it anonymously? Instagram Stories, IGTVs, reels, and other Insta stuff have become quite an integral part of our virtual lives. It is always regarded as the ‘Gram’ time to upload something that is going on in our lives. As a result, this also creates the urge to know about other people’s lives.

What if you wished to watch this (mostly through IG stories) without others knowing about your view? It is one of the most frequently asked questions about how to view Instagram Stories anonymously. There are some simple ways in which you can execute the same. Let us know how!

Viewing Stories Anonymously on Instagram

Currently, the Instagram app does not have any in-app feature for allowing users to go through others’ stories anonymously. The single way of doing this is by making use of third-party tools. This also implies that you will have to do it outside the interface of the photo sharing feature of the app, and not within it.

As you will not be viewing the stories with the app, you can do the same easily as an anonymous user. Let us help you with some important steps to view Instagram stories anonymously.

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How to View Instagram Stories Anonymously Without Them Knowing?

Viewing stories on Instagram is an easy process. You are simply required to launch the application to click on the icon of the profile. The leading social media application allows you to post stories, videos, photographs, reels, and much more.

As you are going through Instagram Stories, it is crucial to note that the user who posts stories is aware of those who are viewing them. If you wish to view the IG stories of some private accounts anonymously, then here are some helpful ways to achieve the same:

Turn on the Airplane Mode: You can easily view someone else’s Instagram stories anonymously by making sure you have enabled the airplane mode on your mobile device before tapping on to the stories. As Instagram is capable of automatically preloading multiple stories for allowing instant viewing even when you do not have relevant Wi-Fi or Internet connection, you can consider theoretically viewing the same without getting noticed.

However, in case the user of the IG account has posted several stories sequentially, the app will not have uploaded them. Therefore, all of them will not be viewable in the airplane mode.

Use a Fake or Anonymous Instagram Account: It is indeed one of the best ways to view someone else’s account anonymously. You can make use of a fake or anonymous IG account that is not identifiable as you. If you already have access to another account, it is quite easy to add the account on Instagram. You can consider switching between the two accounts whenever you wish to view someone else’s Instagram stories without allowing them to know about the same.

Best Instagram Story Viewers for PC, Android, and iOS

One of the most interesting features of Instagram is the ability to share videos and photos in the form of stories running for one day. A user tends to submit the story while instantly looking for those who have viewed the same. Now, there are several reasons why you would like to see someone else’s Instagram story while ensuring that this knowledge is not given to the user.

Thankfully, there are several tools that you can make use of for being completely anonymous as you go through the IG stories of others. These are known as Instagram Story Viewers. You can make use of these tools for viewing IG stories on Android, iOS, and PCs. These online solutions titled as IG Story Viewer apps can help you to browse the social media platform and multiple user profiles in a completely incognito mode. Let us help you know about the best Instagram story viewer for Android, iOS, PC.

The tools are designed with a multitude of features enabling users to access different Instagram profiles –even when they might not be registered with the social media platform. Here are some of our top suggestions for the best Instagram Story Viewers for different devices:

Insta Stories

It is regarded as the best Instagram Story Viewer for PC. It is a popular anonymous IG story viewer. It allows users to download and view IG stories, posts, and Instagram highlights in an anonymous manner. The best aspect of the online tool is that there is no requirement of logging in. Moreover, it is available for 100% free.

To use the same, you are simply expected to enter the profile URL or username into the respective search bar. However, you can use this tool to only access public profiles, and not private IG accounts. As you use the tool, you can easily view highlights, stories, and posts without the account owner knowing about it. To top it all, you are also able to download top-quality content using this tool. Some unique features to look out for are:

  • Download content in high quality
  • No account creation or registration required
  • Anonymously viewing stories, highlights, and posts


It is regarded as the best online tool for iOS and Android devices. It is another option in the list of the best story viewers. The tool aims at prioritizing minimalism over the complicated interface. As soon as you launch the tool, you are readily welcomed with the help of a text box. The text box asks you to paste the username of the particular IG account that you wish to access.

You can feed the username in the text box. With this tool, you cannot only download IG stories but also download & view videos, photos, and other types of content in the IG account. To top it all, you are also capable of sharing the stories that you capture from the tool across other social media platforms.

Some of the innovative features of the tool include:

  • Sharing content on the social media
  • Downloading stories, videos, and photographs
  • Basic User Interface
  • Anonymous browsing of different IG accounts

Stories IG offers priority to the overall simplicity amongst all other traits. The result is that it is a tool that is quite basic. However, it ensures that the intended job is completed without any hassles.

How to Download Stories, Photos, and Videos from Instagram Profile in Incognito Mode?

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It is only possible to view someone else’s story with the help of Instagram Story Viewers available online. You cannot download videos, photos, and stories from the profiles. You can only download all data from your own profile. To achieve the same in the Incognito mode, here is an innovative tool to use:


It is regarded as the best Instagram video downloader. The tool allows users to download Insta stories and highlights of others anonymously in the incognito mode. With InstaSave, you can download original images, reels, stories, and even videos from Instagram in High-Definition. Some features of the tool to look out for:

  • Ease of navigation and user-friendly
  • Fastest Instagram downloader in the industry
  • No requirement of signing up or logging in
  • Starting Instagram downloads in a few simple steps


While there are several ways to go through the IG stories of other users, you can still rely on InstaStories and StoriesIG as the best tools out there. These tools are loaded with ample features and the overall ease of use to help you access stories, reels, videos, and posts on Instagram profiles of other users anonymously.

Before you advance to make use of these tips and tricks that we have specified, you should know that the given hacks should be just for fun and should not become a threat to anyone’s privacy and security.




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