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The Best Tool to View Private Browsing History on iPhone



iPhone provides excellent privacy to its users. However, you can still find someone’s browsing history on iPhone without touching the smartphone. It is possible by using a phone tracking application online.

It is a safe and reliable way to get into someone’s iPhone remotely. Most people prefer this solution because no one wants to use an untrusted method to track their loved ones. 

Read the complete guide on this process below.

Everything you need to know about Accessing someone’s Browsing History


We are made to believe that surfing a browser is secure, and there is no way anyone else can read your browsing history. However, it is not the case because there are many limitations of each operating system that allows you to read someone’s browsing history. You can easily do it by using a phone monitoring/tracking platform to track someone’s activities.

In this case, we recommend using Minspy, as it is a trusted and reliable platform to do it. Millions of people use this solution to view the browsing history of their loved ones.

Here’s everything about this solution:



It is one of the first few applications to provide remote phone monitoring services in the world. If you ever thought about getting into someone’s phone, Minspy is the best way to do that. You can create an account on this platform and connect the device that you want to monitor. 

It is available for both iPhone and Android devices. However, targeting an iPhone is way convenient, and convenient than targeting Android devices. It may sound weird, but you do not need to install any application on an iPhone to monitor it. All you need is its iCloud details, and you can access the device without touching it.

It is an excellent solution to monitor someone’s call logs, browsing history, location, messages, and every other application of the smartphone. It can provide an amazing experience to the user. 

Why is it Famous?

It is famous because there are only a few solutions that can do it without installing an application on the targeted phone. Additionally, it works without any root or jailbreak process. Thus, you can stop worrying about the privacy issues of using a phone tracking application.

Additionally, there are many advanced features that you can not find on other platforms. With this solution, you can check their WhatsApp conversations without accessing the phone. Also, you can check the location of the person anytime you want. 

Many other features can make it an excellent choice for beginners.

How to View Private Browsing History of an iPhone

Credit: Adrianna Calvo/Pexels

Here is the guide to tracking someone’s private browsing history without touching the iPhone. Follow these easy steps and become a professional phone tracker:

Step 1: Get an Account

If you are a beginner and do not know much about phone monitoring, you need to visit its website and create an account there. There will be a ‘sign up free’ button on the homepage. Click on it and enter your name and email address to proceed.

After that, create a password for your account. Remember to use a combination of words and letters to create a unique password for your account.

Step 2: Get a Membership

This website is membership-based and requires you to get a subscription to use the services. You can choose any plan based on your requirements to proceed to the next step. As far as we know, the membership is divided based on the number of smartphones you want to track from the same account (it can track multiple iPhones at the same time). 

Step 3: Verify the Targeted iPhone


The next step is to connect the device whose history you want to check. You can do it by entering its iCloud details on the account (refer to the above picture). Once you enter the details, it will sync the phone data with your online account.

It may take some time to complete the syncing process. Do not refresh or go back in the process.

Note: The person can not find out about the process, and you can do it remotely. 

Step 4: Use Browsing History Tool

You are all set to track their phone browsing history now. Click on the dashboard, and you will find different options to get data from their device. Click on the browsing history option and choose the web browser that you want to track. 

There, you can find all the history of that device without letting the user know about it. Check the details as long as you want, and then log out of your account.

Note: You can log in to your account and use any other feature to track their messages, location, gallery, and much more.

Is it Safe?

It is normal to have doubts about a third-party application that gives you access to your loved one’s smartphones. We had similar doubts about the platform when we came to know about it. However, its server is encrypted, and the whole process stays between your account and the targeted device.

You can access the data only by the password that you enter while creating the account. Thus, you do not need to worry about security. Additionally, it does not require you to install any application on any device. The whole process works with the iCloud, and that too works with limited permissions. 

We recommend reading the privacy policy to know more about the solution and its working. 

Wrapping It Up

If you are a non-technical person, then there is no better method to check someone’s browsing history than this one. The solution is web-based and does not force you to install any spyware on your smartphone. Thus, you can use it without worrying about any security issues.

It is affordable and does not require a lot of money to make it happen. However, you can always check its demo on the website to know whether it is for you or not.



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