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How to Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously – Instructions from Glassagram



Today, a huge number of people use different networks online. For instance, in social media sites like Instagram – the more users register their profiles, the higher the demand for viewer apps that allow you to watch stories on any Instagram profile. Especially if it is a private Insta.

How often have you wanted to see the story of a former boyfriend, girlfriend, or acquaintance, but their IG account was closed?

Software developers cannot ignore this demand and are releasing a huge number of Instagram viewer tools to the market. You just need to drive a search term into Google, and you will be surprised by how many there are. They are all quite the same type and have a limited number of rather primitive functions.

We present you with a unique service that is able to provide you with absolutely all information about an Instagram account, even if it is closed.

Glassagram is an online service for free anonymous viewing of Instagram stories. It allows you to follow the stories of any person from Insta so that they do not see who has watched their content.

How is it different from other Insta stalkers app? You can view information about private Insta accounts! The service is multifunctional and enables not only Instagram private profile viewing, but also downloading Stories, and getting profile statistics.

It is not only a cool anon profile viewer of Instagram stories but also a good service for collecting and analyzing profile data. In addition, users can download stories online directly through the service.

How Does the Service Manage to Get Information About Private Accounts?

Screenshot credit: Windows Dispatch

The spy app solution comes to the rescue, with which you get full access to any closed Instagram account and get everything that open accounts have.

To see the story of any profile on Instagram and remain unnoticed, you need to act according to a certain algorithm:

  • Go to Glassagram
  • Enter username, location, or tag into the search bar
  • Look at the text, publication date, number of likes, comments, and views of any private Insta
  • Press the “Download” button
  • Wait for the service to load user stories and view them

Why would you use Glassagram? Answer yourself the following questions to find out:

  • Do you want to watch the information about private Instagram profiles? Instagram private photos, Reels and IG TV, likes, location, story, and profile picture?
  • Do you prefer to remain anonymous so that no one knows which private Insta accounts you follow?
  • Does your phone run on Android or iOS?

Did you answer all the questions “YES”? Let’s open up Glassagram! Now we will tell you a little more about it.

What Functions Does Glassagram Have?

Screenshot credit: Windows Dispatch

Usually, only the person who is subscribed to it can view a private closed account. But this service allows you to do this without a sub! Likes, subscriptions and subscribers, IG TV, tags, number of views, follow requests and much more will become available to you.

You can also watch the story of any account. But no one will see you on the watchlist! Moreover, all stories can be downloaded.

All of the above information will be available for both iOS and Android. The only difference is in the format of the report.

For owners of iOS devices, all information will be available directly in the service itself.

Android users will be able to receive all the same information in the form of screenshots and pictures. Once a minute the software will screen everything that the user does on his Instagram account and upload information to the dashboard.

It should also be noted that services of this type for the iOS operating system are much smaller than for Android. The thing is that the Apple App Store works more closely with the Instagram developers and more actively blocks unwanted applications.

How Much Does it Cost?

The service provides users with the opportunity to choose one of three rates:


Use Glassagram absolutely free! You can view private Instagram accounts asked information!

Premium (1 month)

Subscribe for one month for only $59.99 and you will have access to all the functions of the service. Immediately after payment, you can watch: 

  • Video Tracker
  • Direct Messages
  • Likes
  • Location
  • Watch Stories anonymously

It is possible to work not only with iOS but also with Android.

Premium (12 months)

All the same features as in the Premium plan for 1 month. Now you can use Glassagram for a whole year for only $14.99! That’s just over $1 a month.

There are a large number of such services on the market, but Glassagram has undeniable advantages:

Private Instagram 

With Glassagram you can watch Instagram Story without verification or providing your personal account data.


Browse Instagram all day and night – nobody is gonna know it. There is no notification about downloading content from a personal Insta account.


Do you like any pictures from Instagram? Download any IG posts or stories to your smartphone. Use the dedicated arrow button to do this. It could not be easier.

Of course, it’s up to you to decide which accounts to follow and whether to follow at all. There are a lot of ways to anonymously subscribe to posts on Instagram, you can try everything and choose a convenient one. The main thing is to use proven services and plugins.


  • Do I need to provide my own Instagram profile to view someone’s latest posts or stories on IG?

Having done all the manipulations without providing any personal data about your Instagram account using this Instagram viewer. Your profile remains completely private.

  • Is it possible to download someone else’s Instagram stories anonymously?

Yes! Click on the “Show stories” button, select the one you need and click on the button with the arrow in the upper-right part of the screen. Well done, the story has now been downloaded to your computer.



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