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Auto Sales Apps: Why Car Dealers Need a Mobile App



Smartphones are an important part of the technology revolution and digitalization. It has changed the way people think, work, or have fun in their free time. Apart from staying connected with your friends, family, and colleagues, now, you can order something online, pay online, book tickets, and many more.

Other than investing in a company website, the companies are also developing apps to reach more customers and become more successful. It’s been seen that companies having smartphone apps generate more sales which results in more profit and huge business growth.

The same strategy works for the car dealers too. So if you are a car dealer and you want to know if developing a smartphone app for your business is going to be fruitful or not, then this article is for you.

Here, you will find details about why car dealers need a mobile app.

Mobile-first Trends

Nowadays, it is impossible for people to spend a day without their mobile, laptop, or computer. Moreover, every popular brand has its own mobile app that makes managing its product and contacting the company easier. So why do automobile dealership companies lack these facilities?

If you are an owner of an automobile dealership brand, or apart from new cars, if you only deal with junk cars, you must still have an app of your brand. This will help your customers access your company more easily and they can get all the information about a car within a few minutes.

Benefits of Owning a Car Dealer App

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There are a lot of benefits of owning a car dealer app of your own. Let’s take a look at some of its main benefits:

1. This will create an image of a modern company in the customer’s mind.

2. You can provide services to the customers more efficiently; hence it will result in an increase in profit.

3. A mobile app of your car dealership company will also help to boost the marketing process of your company. With the help of the app, you can launch marketing campaigns and it’ll also help you to track the performance of your company.

4. It also helps to analyze the performance of your sales managers and to obtain many useful data like which is the top-selling car model.

5. You can get more loyal customers. It will create a sense of trust and authenticity among the minds of the customers and you’ll get a lot of new customers too.

Mobile Dealer App Features

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You must have an app which has all the modern features for the customers. You should make it as useful as possible so that the customers don’t always need to visit your shop. You can consider some of the useful features mentioned below:

1. User Profile: This is one of the most important and basic features you should include in your app. In order to access your app, the customer must put in some of their personal data. Then, after they register, they can enjoy all the features of the app. Later, you can also use this data to develop your customer service.

2. Location Feature: Make sure to put the location feature on your app. This will help to know the customers about your nearest service center or showroom.

3. Geofencing: This is a very useful feature. Suppose a customer is passing near your workshop; with the help of the app, you can send them some useful offers. They’ll get a notification on their mobile, and who knows, they might accept it. This also helps to earn some extra income.

4. Vehicle Catalogue: In order to sell cars successfully, your app must have a proper and good vehicle catalog.

5. Advanced Search: Including this feature will make your mobile app more efficient. For example, if a customer is looking for a car with some particular features, they can use the advanced search option to find it.

6. Car Page: You should include a proper car page in your app. After a customer selects a car, they should be able to see all the details related to the car.

7. Push Notifications: This feature will let your customers know about all the latest offers and deals that your company is coming out with. This also helps to remind the customers about your dealership brand.

8. Social Integration: You should also have a feature by which the users can link their social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram with your app. This will also help to find more potential customers from the friends/followers of your customers.

9. Booking: Every customer wants to test the car on their own before buying it. For this, you can include a booking option; this will help the customers to book a test drive of a car or servicing of their old car at their desired time.

10. Chat: Having a chat feature is really essential. Build a customer support team and add the chat option. This will make the customers feel that they are valued and you can get some loyal customers. In case you are not able to build a customer support team, you can also use a chatbot.

11. Car Service: Having this feature is really essential. In case any of your customers face an accident or breakdown, they can use this feature and call for help. The customers will definitely like this feature.

12. Feedback: By this feature, you can know how your company is doing and the scopes for improvements. The customers can write their complaints or the things they like about your dealership in this option.

13. Contacts: You should include information about your branches and the way to contact your managers.


Hopefully, this article clears your queries about why your car dealership business will require a smartphone app. Now, what you need to do is get an experienced and expert software development team and work on your project.

If you want to add any more additional features apart from what we have mentioned in this article, you can surely discuss that with the app developers.



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