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Windows Hotkeys that Help You Write a Research Paper that You Didn’t Know



To improve your writing skills, you need to know a few keyboard shortcuts. Keyboard shortcuts can help you save a lot of time and energy especially when you are working on a research paper. Research papers are complex assignments that most college students hate working on. However, they play an important role in determining your final grade.

Therefore, it’s important to develop your writing skills and manage your time effectively when learning and writing a research paper in college. Starting early and planning well will pay off in spades in the long run. As you are going to see, there are a lot of Windows hotkeys for education that you can use on your PC. Adopting a few important ones will save you big time!

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Accelerate your Study to the Max

It’s quite difficult to read plain text throughout a document. Therefore, you’ll need to set some words or phrases apart with a particular format such as Bold or Italic. You might also find an experienced scholarship essay writer if you are having a hard time researching and organizing text in particular ways such as left-justified or centered alignments. Seeking writing help from college essay writing services can save you a lot of time and energy. The following shortcuts can help you make these changes:

  • Bold text (CTRL + B): The bold text needs to be used sparingly to highlight important points that the reader needs to focus on. People who enjoy scanning texts are likely to read bold texts.  
  • Underline (CTRL + U): Since your research paper will be printed in the future, it’s important to underline specific sections or phrases in your text.
  • Italicized text (CTRL + I): This format is ideal if you want to emphasize a particular point or phrase in your research paper. It is perfect for both printed and digital documents.
  • Justify text (CTRL + J): Justify text is usually used more in printed documents than digital documents. It is a great format for image text captions. It adds extra spaces between words to align text.

Editing Shortcuts

Editing is an artistic process that allows you to organize your paper into a presentation that will help you connect with readers. Here are some of the best editing shortcuts that will help you create great content:

Select Text

When most students review their drafts, they often see how they want their paper to look in their minds faster than they can organize it to fit their idea. To avoid forgetting, you need to use keyboard commands. After selecting the text, you can cut or copy and paste it into another area of your draft. All you have to do is place the cursor on the side of the text that you’ve selected and use the following combinations:

  • Shift + Right Arrow key
  • Shift + Left Arrow key

Press the shift key together with the appropriate arrow key until you complete selecting everything that you want. You can press the arrow keys continuously or tap to have precise control over the text that you choose to highlight.

Copy Text (Ctrl + C)

After selecting the text, you might need to copy and paste the same phrase or word elsewhere in your document. Using this shortcut can save you a lot of time and energy in the long run.

Cut Text (Ctrl + X)

You might want to cut a block of text or delete it. Backspace and delete keys can get the job done. However, cutting text allows you to paste it into another section of your draft.

Paste Text (Ctrl + V)

After selecting text by copying or cutting, you’ll need to paste it. This keyboard shortcut will allow you to get the work done in a couple of minutes.

Find a Phrase or Word

When going through content, you’ll realize that you’ve overused some words. You might also spot several spelling and style errors. Using the find function, you can easily locate specific phrases or words in your draft. You’ll get to see the number of instances of the phrases or words that you’ve used.


When you start using these hotkeys, you’ll get used to them. You’ll also find yourself using several of them at a go. Keyboard commands will make your writing process smooth and easy. Plus, you’ll start enjoying the editing process. If you are having a hard time researching or writing your research paper you should seek help from your tutor or professionals online. Research papers are complex assignments that require a lot of time and energy. You need to write them well and submit them before the deadlines to get good grades. Windows hotkeys have been developed to minimize your work. Which keyboard shortcut will you start using today?

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Brandon Kryeger works as an online tutor with his main audience as students from schools and colleges. He teaches them to write, edit and proofread and communicate effectively to ensure career success. His free time is for glass painting, meditating, and jogging in the park.



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