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How to Change Online Status or Appear Offline on Discord



One of the best places to go when you want to be part of a chat group is Discord. It is a free chat app where you can meet new people having similar interests as you. Discord has different communities that you can choose to be a part of and join either by invitation or at any time.

There are various interests and topics on Discord that make it attractive to millions of people around the world. It is more popular to gamers of all kinds. You can also look for communities on online games, travel, home renovations, health, and more. Each community ranges in different sizes, so you can be a part of a small group or a large one.

When you chat on Discord, your online status is visible to your friends and community members. Discord has four statuses: Online, Idle, Do Not Disturb, and Invisible. When you see a green circle on your profile, it means that your friends can see that you are available and active on Discord. A yellow circle represents the Idle status, or when you are inactive on Discord.

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If you do not want other members to contact you, change your status to Do Not Disturb. The red circle will also prevent notifications from coming. Lastly, you can appear offline to anyone even if you are active on Discord by enabling the Invisible status or the gray circle.

So, how do you change your Discord online status on mobile device or Windows PC? Let’s check the steps below.

How to Appear Offline to your Friends or Change your Online Status to Invisible on Discord


Many people choose to set their status to invisible or appear offline for various reasons. When you do not want anyone to see and contact you but want to get updates on what is happening, it pays to remain invisible. In some cases, you want to avoid unnecessary distractions so you can appear offline.

Will your friends be able tell if you are online but appearing offline on Discord? The answer is no. If you are invisible, you will appear offline and no one can tell if you are faking it.

The steps to changing your online status on Discord are easy. Follow each step below one at a time.

  • Launch Discord on your Windows PC.
  • Click your profile picture.
  • Select Invisible.
  • If you are using the mobile app on Discord, tap your profile picture.
  • Select Set Status.
  • Now, choose Invisible.
  • You can revert to being Online by following the same steps above.

When you change your online status, it applies to all the devices where you log in to your Discord account.

In what situations do you prefer to appear offline on Discord? We would love to hear your story. You can write about them in the comment section below.



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