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How to Fix TikTok Creator Fund Unexpected System Error



The TikTok Creator Fund is one of the most sought-after aspects of the popular social media platform. This pool of money is one that is dedicated to ensuring that all users on TikTok can gain suitable access to some income through advertising.

While the idea of the creator fund is great, the way it is implemented comes with some steep requirements. Also, even when these requirements are met, there’s no guarantee that users will be accepted. This can be linked to errors in the registration process. In particular, the “Unexpected System Error” message is associated with filling out tax forms for US residents.

How to Fix Unexpected System Error or Tax Glitch on TikTok

First of all, this problem is related to tax forms, so one of the first things you’ll need to do is ensure that all the documents presented are accurate with the information contained within them.


Solution #1 – Turn off VPN or Ad Blockers

While avoiding ads is one of the few ways to get around on the internet nowadays, it also comes with some unexpected problems. Adblockers are capable of filtering out more information than you might expect because they preemptively avoid any sudden surprise ads. Unfortunately, this comes at the risk of messing with TikTok’s network communication with its main servers. By turning it off, you can get a full unfiltered connection and prevent this issue.

If you’re using a VPN, it’s important to turn it off, especially when filling in location-sensitive information like your tax forms.

Solution #2 – Clear the Cache on your Web Browser

Your search engine might be a contributing factor to the occurrence of this problem, so you should try clearing your browser cache if you want to get rid of this issue. Here’s how to do this on Chrome.

  • Open your Chrome app.
  • Go to the top right corner with the three vertical dots.
  • Tap History and select Clear browsing data.
  • Select a time range or All time.
  • Next to Cookies and site data along with Cached images and files, check the boxes.
  • Tap on Clear data.

Solution #3 – Switch to a New Device or Search Engine

If the registration still hasn’t seemed to budge after attempting it multiple times, it wouldn’t hurt to try the process on a new device. For example, if you’re on mobile, try switching to your PC or Mac for this. Fill in all the information in the right slots and wait for the process to be approved, hopefully without an error message this time around.

Solution #4 – Wait for a Few Hours to a Few Days Before Logging In Back to TikTok Creator Fund

Photo credit: Solen Feyissa/Unsplash

Not the most exciting solution in the world, but the most popularly acknowledged one, waiting is probably your best bet. TikTok is no stranger to odd service downtimes, and they can occur randomly. 

Some users have reported that trying repeatedly over the course of a few hours resolved the issue. Others claim that it took a few days. Waiting and trying again incrementally is a good decision.

We’ll recommend that you take at least 12 hours between each attempt to see if it works out. Keep at it for at least a week. If nothing changes, contact TikTok support for more help.

The TikTok Creator Fund tax error is nothing new for users to encounter. However, the solutions presented here should be enough to help you fix them successfully.



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