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Complete List of Books New in Public Domain this 2020



Here is a complete list of books that have entered the public domain this year 2020. In the US, copyright protection expires after 95 years. This is deemed to allow the new generation of authors, scholars and inventors to use these classics as basis for their work.

Since last year, 2019, copyrighted works began to enter the public domain after the halt in 1998 due to the Copyright Term Extension Act (or the Sonny Bono Act, or the Mickey Mouse Protection Act) which lengthened copyright protection for existing works by 20 years.

Thousands of copyrighted works from 1924 entered the public domain including books, films, sheet music and art. You can now use these works without having to be subjected to the copyright law. Things you can do include but are not limited to downloading, copying, translating, remixing, performing and adapting these works.

Here is a Complete List of Books in Public Domain Starting 2020

You can now find these books in Project Gutenberg, Internet Archive and other ebook sources of public domain materials.

Remember to always double check the publication date of any of these books and if it is indeed part of the public domain before doing any work in it.



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