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All GitHub Core Features are now Free for All Users



GitHub users can now enjoy all of its core features for free. Microsoft recently announced this major change in its acquired software development platform, GitHub. Since its acquisition in 2018, Microsoft has made several improvements to the service in order to better serve the ever-growing teams of developers using GitHub.

Last year, GitHub made all its private repositories free for everyone. Developer teams can enjoy unlimited and free repositories but are still limited to three collaborators. With the recent announcement, GitHub now offers all of its private repositories free to unlimited collaborators for all developers and organizations.


This means that all features in the platform are available free to use for organizations wanting to utilize GitHub for private development. This proposition offers a significant impact on every team, especially when working on project management and development. Developers can now easily collaborate and use the platform more effectively.

GitHub Plans Price Cut

Aside from the unlimited and free access to its core features, GitHub is also cutting its monthly fees. Instead of paying the Team plan rate of $9 per user per month, GitHub reduces it to $4 per user per month.

The $4 fee will include 2GB packages storage and 10GB data transfer. There is no minimum seat requirement for the plan. It also includes 3,000 action minutes per month for private repositories.

Take note that if you want to use the more advanced features or personalized support, you can avail of the other plans. GitHub Enterprise will include the SAML single sign-on aside from the unlimited access to the free features. It also comes with 50 GB packed storage and 50,000 Actions per minute per month, all for $21 per user per month.

What do you think of the new changes in GitHub? We would love to know what you think. Share your thoughts in the comments below.



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