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How to Factory Reset or Reprogram a Ring Video Doorbell Pro



Amazon Ring Doorbell lets you experience a smart video doorbell for your home. Now, you can see, hear, or speak to your visitors even when you are on the phone or computer. The Amazon Ring Doorbell smart device can record your videos, give you notifications, and has a motion detection feature. It serves as your all-in-one intercom. You can also pair it with an Amazon Alexa-enabled device.

However, there are instances when you need to factory reset or reprogram your Ring Video Doorbell. There may be errors that can only be resolved through a hard reset. In some cases, you need to do the reset to wipe it clean when you have to give or sell your Ring Doorbell to a friend or a new owner. Whatever the case may be, follow this guide to learn how to reset your Amazon smart device.

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How to Factory Reset your Ring Video Doorbell Smart Home Device Settings

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Note that when you reset or reprogram your Amazon Ring Doorbell, it will go back to its default factory settings. It means that all your customizations and settings you saved will be deleted. You will also effectively remove the Ring device from your account.

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This guide works for different Ring Doorbell models and generations including: Ring Video Doorbell Wired, Ring Video Doorbell 1st Gen, Ring Video Doorbell 2, Ring Video Doorbell 3, Ring Video Doorbell 4, Ring Video Doorbell Pro, Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2, and Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus.

  • You will need to use the Ring screwdriver or the Torx 15 screwdriver that comes with the device.
  • First, look for the bottom screws and loosen them.
  • Hold your Ring doorbell so it won’t fall off.
  • Pull the front cover and release it from the mounting bracket.
  • Look for the Orange Reset button.
  • Press and hold it for about 15 seconds before you release it.
  • You will see that the circular ring will flash. It means that your Ring doorbell is resetting.
  • If the circular ring does not flash, try to press and hold it again for about 20 seconds.
  • Once the circular ring stop flashing, the reset process is done.
  • Now, press the Reset button once to put it on setup mode.

How to Set up your Amazon Ring Video Doorbell

After resetting your Amazon Ring Video Doorbell to factory settings, you can set it up again using the dedicated Ring app on your smartphone. Download and install the app then follow this guide.

  • Launch the Ring app on your phone.
  • Sign in to your account.
  • Select Set Up a Device.
  • Tap Doorbells.
  • Scan the QR code of your Ring Video Doorbell through your phone camera. You can find it at the back of your doorbell or in the product packaging.
  • Select your location.
  • Set a Name for your Ring device.
  • Look for the small black button in front of your Ring Doorbell. Press and release it. When you see a light spinning, tap Continue on your Ring app.
  • Connect to the Ring network.
  • Now, connect to your home network.

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Why are you resetting or reprogramming your Amazon Ring Video Doorbell? You can share your story with us down below.



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