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How to Fix Error Code 2000-0415 on Dell Laptop Computers



Any modern device is prone to error due to different reasons. For Dell laptop computers, a common error users encounter is the error code 2000-0415. It happens when you try to run the Enhanced Pre-Boot System Assessment or ePSA diagnostic tool on your Dell Inspiron 15 or Dell Latitude E6420 laptop, Dell Optiplex 390 desktop PC as well as a host of other Dell computers.

If there is a system failure in your laptop or desktop computer, you can diagnose it through the ePSA diagnostic tool. It will thoroughly check your devices and parts for any issues, including your LCD display, hard drive, keyboard, jumper, and more. As you run the diagnostic tool, the error code 2000-0415 may appear.


The Dell error code 2000-0415 occurs when there is an issue with a specific cable on your PC. The cable may not be sealed or may be disconnected. In some cases, the problem is with the cable connection of your computer. There can be errors with system files or CMOS battery. A virus or malware may also cause the problem.

How to Fix Error Code 2000-0415 on Dell Laptop & Desktop Computers

Fortunately, there are ways to deal with the Dell error code 2000-0415 issue on your Windows 10 laptop or desktop computer. Check out each of the solutions below and follow the steps one at a time.

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Solution #1 – Make Sure your Power Adaptor Connects to your Dell Laptop

While running the ePSA diagnostic tool, you need to plug your power adaptor into your Dell laptop and plug it on the power outlet. Note that the ePSA diagnostic tool runs a diagnosis on all parts of your laptop, including the hardware. It also needs to determine power voltage and other values in your laptop. You will need to connect it directly to the power outlet instead of using up your laptop battery.

After connecting your power adaptor to your laptop, try running the ePSA diagnostic tool again and see if it eliminates the error.

Solution #2 – Reconnect your Power Adaptor to your Dell Computer

If your power adaptor is already connected to your laptop, you may try to reconnect the cable again. After that, shut down your Dell laptop computer. Try to reconnect the cable before turning the laptop on. Now, run the ePSA diagnostic tool again.

Solution #3 – Remove the CMOS Battery

Credit: Pok Rie/Pexels

You can attempt to follow the steps below if you know how to open the back side of your Dell laptop. In this method, you will need to open the back of your laptop and remove the CMOS battery to clear the date and time settings that may be causing the error.

  • Make sure to shut down your Dell laptop completely.
  • Unplug it from the power outlet if connected.
  • Carefully flip your Dell laptop.
  • Remove the side cover.
  • Now, look for the CMOS battery.
  • Carefully remove the CMOS battery from its slot.
  • Clean the battery. You may also replace your CMOS battery with a new one.
  • Before putting your CMOS battery back, try to check the motherboard if there are loosely connected or disconnected cables.
  • Place it back in its slot and cover your laptop.
  • Turn on your Dell laptop computer and run the ePSA diagnostic tool again.

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Do you have another solution that will help fix the Dell 2000-0415 problem? You can share it in the comment section below to help other Dell laptop users fix their errors too!



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