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How to Save & Extend Battery Life on Chromebook to Stop it from Dying



One of the things that we want for our mobile gadgets and computer devices is for its batteries to last long. Spending money often on replacing a new laptop, smartphone, or even just the accessories is not ideal.

That is why you need to optimize your battery usage to save and extend the battery life of your Chromebook, so you won’t have to spend money replacing the battery prematurely. Chromebook is a reliable laptop computer for common web and online uses specially for students. However, it lacks a built-in battery-saving mechanisms right within the Google operating system.

But, if you are determined to save your computer’s batteries and make them last longer, there are things you can do to extend and improve its usage on your Chromebook. Frequently drained batteries will not last you a long time before you will need replacements.

If you want to be a battery saver, see the guide below to find out how you can take good care of your Chromebook’s battery to stop it from dying soon and save you some extra money in the process.

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How to Check the Battery Health of your Chromebook Computer

How to Check the Battery Health of a Chromebook Computer

Taking note of your Chromebook’s battery life will let you know how healthy it is. If the battery life is 80% and above, it means that it is still in good status. Here’s how to check your cycle count on Chrome OS to determine the overall health of your batteries.

  • To check your Chromebook’s battery life, launch Crosh. You may also press Control + Alt + T.
  • Enter the following command: battery_test.
  • Look for the battery life section and check the percentage.
  • To check the cycle count, enter the following command on Crosh: battery_firmware info.
  • Look for Cycle count and note the number of counts.

8 Solid Tips to Extend & Improve your Chromebook’s Long Term Battery Life

Check out the top ChromeOS battery-saving and care tips below to find out how you can save and extend your Chromebook’s battery life to make it last long term with optimized usage.

Method #1 – Close any Unused Apps or Programs in your Chromebook

If you open many apps or programs, it will continue to run in the background and use up your battery. Try to finish up on one program and exit it when necessary. The same works when you are using too many unused browser tabs. Make sure to close tabs that you no longer use or will have to revisit later on.

Method #2 – Disable Bluetooth Feature

Turn off the Bluetooth connection if you are no longer using it. Enabling Bluetooth will also use your battery even if you are not currently using it.


Method #3 – Close your Chromebook when not in Use

If you need to get away from your laptop, it is a good habit to close the lid or Lock your Chromebook. It will help save battery. If you are not using it for a long period, try turning the Power off.

Method #4 – Use your Chromebook in a Cool Environment

A cool atmosphere will contribute to extending your Chromebook’s battery life. Avoid exposing your laptop to direct sunlight or hot or warm places.

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Method #5 – Avoid Using Knockoff Accessories

It may seem expensive to buy authentic Chromebook accessories when you lose them. But, buying knockoff replacements will only drain your battery faster compared to the real ones. Investing in authentic parts will help you save money in the long run.

Method #6 – Set When Idle Option to Sleep or Turn Off

  • Launch the Settings menu if your Chromebook.
  • Go to Device.
  • Select Power.
  • Look for Sleep when the cover is closed and toggle it to On.
  • Look for While charging and While on battery options. Set them to Sleep or Turn off display.

Method #7 – Reduce Brightness on your Chromebook Display

  • On the Notification bar, click the Brightness option.
  • Adjust it to a lower brightness display.

Method #8 – Update your Chrome OS

  • Navigate to the Settings menu.
  • Select About Chrome OS.
  • Click Check for Updates.
  • Install available updates.

What other battery-saving tips do you practice? We would love to know other methods that work in extending Chromebook’s battery life so please share them down below.

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