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How to Get Free Shipping with No Minimum Purchase Requirement Using My Best Buy



As of January 9th, 2023, My Best Buy members benefit from free shipping for all shopping orders placed on BestBuy.com, regardless of the purchase amount. Even better, qualifying products may be eligible for next-day delivery based on when the order is placed. 

The $35 minimum purchase requirement usually applies to ship-to-home items after discounts and before taxes and does not apply to Totaltech members.

However, can you get free shipping without a minimum purchase that they usually require? In this post, we’ll show you how to get free shipping and no minimum purchase required when shopping on bestbuy.com!

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How to Get Free Delivery/Shipping with No Minimum Purchase Required Using My Best Buy Account (Main Method)

To benefit from free shipping with no minimum purchase needed when shopping on BestBuy.com, enroll in the My Best Buy loyalty program

Becoming a member is FREE and can be done quickly from their website. With a My Best Buy account, you won’t need to meet particular purchasing requirements to receive delivery for free, plus enjoy unique promotions for members and easy access to order information and purchase history records.

Alternative Method (Experimental)

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I have found a few tricks that people talk about in reddit and other forums. I am not really sure if you need this because for me, the main method works.

But I leave and extra methods below in case the main method doesn’t work.

Purchase/Upgrade a My Best Buy Credit Card

  • Sign up for a My Best Buy credit card here, which includes the options of Visa and MasterCard.
  • If you want to pay with your credit card, you’ll earn points toward rewards on every purchase and there are no interest charges. You can also use your points to get discounts on services at Best Buy stores and online. In addition, if you have an Elite Plus membership or higher, you’ll get free two-day shipping on all orders over $35.

Attain Elite or Elite Plus Status

Once you’ve made the $2500 (or $5000) minimum purchase, you will attain My Best Buy Elite or Elite Plus status. In addition to free standard shipping on all orders, there are other benefits included in membership. These include:

  • Exclusive sales and deals
  • Special offers from major brand partners
  • A dedicated customer service phone number

Important Note

For Thanksgiving week, select promotional periods and weekend orders, there may be same-day or next-day delivery limitations. Sunday delivery unfortunately is not available. Keep in mind that size and weight restrictions are in place as well. Additionally, major appliances, TVs with a 51″ screen or larger, and certain other items have different delivery terms and guidelines.

In short, getting free shipping with no minimum purchase on BestBuy online website is possible by enrolling in the My Best Buy loyalty program. This is the main and most effective method, as it eliminates the need to meet any specific purchasing requirements and offers additional benefits such as exclusive promotions and easy access to order information.

While alternative methods such as obtaining Elite or Elite Plus status or signing up for a My Best Buy credit card may also offer free shipping, they come with certain limitations and purchasing requirements.

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