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How to Use Google Translate in Google Sheets



Google Translate is a helpful tool that works well when combined with many Google applications such as Chrome, Google Maps or even Google Sheets. If you want to use Google Translate directly in Google Sheets, you can do so with a simple formula.

Using Google Translate can help you create direct translations for your documents, selected words, and cells in your Google Sheets. It is also an efficient way than translating the word separately in Google Translate and copy-pasting the translation in your Google Sheets.

How to Translate Languages with Google Sheets

First, you have to learn the basic formula when translating languages in Google Sheets.

The formula is =GoogleTranslate(text, source_language, target_language)

Text – this is the word that you want to translate. You can either use the words to translate enclosed in a quotation mark or use the cell that the words are located.
Source_language – this is the two-letter code of the source language or the language that it needs to be translated from
Target_language – this also includes the two-letter code but of the target language that the text needs to be translated to.

Google Translate in Google Sheet
  • To use the formula, type the word in the source language in a cell.
  • Next, type the formula above in another cell where you want the translation to appear. It will automatically translate the words for you.
  • If you are translating several words, you can type in all the words in their source language and drag the bottom right corner of the translation cell down to where you want the words to be translated. You can also copy the formula and paste it to all the cells where the translation should locate.

There are more than 100 languages that you can use to translate. All you need to know is the 2-letter code for the language that you want to use. For instance, English is “en”, Korean is “ko”, Italian is “it”, French is “fr”, and Spanish is “es.”

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