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If you are using the new Microsoft Edge chromium, you may have come across the new Edge feature called Lazy Frame Loading. It helps reduce loading time in your browser thus improving efficiency and performance. If you want to use the Lazy Frame Loading, all you have to do is enable it. But, let us first understand what Lazy Frame Loading really is all about.

What is Lazy Frame Loading and How does It Works?

You may often experience slow loading of websites in your browser. This is because all the images in that webpage are loading therefore using your resources.

Lazy Frame Loading is a new feature available in Microsoft Edge that will defer the loading of images especially that are not yet visible. This means that while you have not yet reached the images below when scrolling the webpage, it will not load the images yet.

The new feature is built in the Microsoft Edge browser and does not need to be installed as an add-on. It is also available in major browsers such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

How is Lazy Frame Loading Useful?

Lazy Frame Loading initializes delay in loading images that are not visible to the users thus saving the system resources. The web page is loaded gradually and only when needed. It will save bandwidth, which increases connection speed. Enabling Lazy Loading will also reduce consumption of memory and data usage.

How to Enable Lazy Frame Loading?

Enable Lazy Image Loading
  • Open your Microsoft Edge.
  • On the address bar, type the following: edge://flags/#enable-lazy-frame-loading
  • Look for the Lazy Frame Loading and on the right, select Enabled from the drop-down menu.
  • Click Restart at the bottom of the screen to apply changes.
  • Frames with the loading=”lazy” attribute will apply to the Lazy Frame Loading. As of now, not all frames include the attribute. But, if you set the flag to Enabled (Automatically lazily load where safe..), Microsoft Edge will also load the frames even without the attribute.

How to Disable Lazy Frame Loading?

While Lazy Frame Loading offers advantages, some users may not find it suitable in some cases. If this is so, you can simply disable the Lazy Frame Loading by the following the same steps above but only choosing Disabled from the drop-down menu.


What do you think of the Lazy Frame Loading? Do you want it enabled or disabled in your Microsoft Edge? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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