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How to Delete Shows from Continue Watching List on Discovery Plus



The “Continue Watching” list is one of the best features we can see on streaming platforms. When we cannot finish a movie or show in one sitting, it automatically adds to the Continue Watching queue. The same works with watching TV series. Even if you are done streaming an episode, you can find it on the Continue Watching section to access the next episode.

It is convenient to stream as many titles as you want, knowing that you can easily find them whenever you want to. Unfortunately, it also has its flaws.

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Sometimes, we are curious about a new movie, so we play to check it out. If we don’t like it, we go back to the main menu. If that happens, the movie or show is automatically directed to your viewing history as well as on your Continue Watching list. Doing so will add more titles to the section, even if some of them are not meant to be on it.

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How to Remove Show & Movie Titles from Continue Watching List on Discovery+


Discovery Plus is a new streaming platform in the market by Discovery, the cable network channel operator. It features some of the well-loved channels you see on cable TVs such as Animal Planet, TLC, HGTV, Food Network, and Discovery Channel. You can access thousands of titles from different genres.

As you check new shows and movies on Discovery Plus, it adds to your Continue Watching list. Unfortunately, there is no way to remove the titles from the section. Unlike its competitors like Netflix, Disney Plus, and HBO Max, streaming on Discovery Plus will give you a wider list of Continue Watching queue and it can accumulate overtime. Netflix and Disney Plus already have a way to remove the items from the list so users will not have to scroll a long time to find what they are looking for.

We can wait and hope for Discovery+ to give a solution regarding the Continue Watching list. Our best hope is for it to announce soon that there is a way to clear and delete the content titles that we do not like.

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  1. Ridiculously poor control of content. Impossible to clear “Continue Watching”. At the end of a totally different series it auto played a series “Bearing Sea Gold” I have ZERO interest in. Now it will not clear form Continue Watching unless I fast forward through every show of every season. Tech support had ZERO INTEREST in my issue – poor poor service. Maybe they should get somebody from the Science Channel who knows what they are doing to fix.

  2. It’s annoying. If you try a series and you don’t like it, it will stay on your continue list. If you fast forward it till the end that disappears and then then next episode appears. No delete button. So I’ll have to fast forward each episode to get rid of it. Now another series has turned up on my continue and I will have to do the same 🤬. I certainly won’t be paying for this service after my free period.

  3. I love the Discovery+ channel, but the Continue Watching part is a bit of a pain!! I wouldn’t mind if they kept the shows on there, but could they at least be in Season/episode order?? That would help find where you left off!! It’s a work in progress, I know!! Continue to keep running these great shows!!

  4. This is ridiculously and fustrating😡😡! I also HATE the fact that when a new episode comes out from your favorite list you don’t know unless you go through everyone 1 by 1 or you know what day they come out. But a lot of these series start great and then they stop for weeks and you don’t know if there’s a new 1 out. I wish they would come out w/a ✅ by the name of the show so you know there’s a new episode out to watch.

  5. It’s amazing we can send ppl to the moon but we can’t delete shows in the continue watching cache on Discovery+. Other streaming platforms have figured it out. Discovery+ should get on board with the wants of its customers.

  6. Go to the last season of the show that you want to remove from the ‘continue watching list’ then fast-forward to the very end of the last episode.


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