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How to Use iOS 15 Drag & Drop Files to Any App Feature on iPhone



Drag and drop is one of the easiest ways to transfer or copy and paste files from one place to another. It is much enjoyed and used on computers and tablets. All you have to do is select an object, move or drag it to the location where you can copy or transfer it, then release or drop it. You can drag and drop document files, images, videos, texts, and many others in between apps on your device.

Did you know that you can now drag and drop files from one app to another on your iPhone too? With the release of the iOS 15 version, Apple makes it possible for you to drag and drop text, videos, photos, and files to any app on your iPhone device. You can do so with messaging apps, built-in Apple programs, and any other third-party apps installed on your iPhone.

With the cross-app drag and drop feature, you can eliminate the lengthy process of copying your files and pasting them to another location. You can even do it with several items at one time.

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How to Use the Drag and Drop iOS 15 Feature to Copy Files, Photos, Videos, Texts to Any App on iPhone

Screenshot credit: Windows Dispatch

Before you can use the drag and drop capability on your iPhone, you need to install the latest version iOS 15 operating system first.

  • On your iPhone device, launch the Settings menu.
  • Select General.
  • Tap Software Update.
  • Make sure to download iOS 15. 
  • Tap Install Now.

After updating your iPhone device to iOS 15, you can now start using the drag and drop cross-app feature. Follow the steps below.

  • First, launch the app where you want to drop the files on your iPhone device.
  • Go to the file or photo that you want to copy. 
  • Long press on the file. If you long-press text messages, wait until you see the gray bubble. Do not release it yet.
  • Drag the file out of the app and go to the app location where you want to drop the file.
  • When you drag the file to the app location, wait until you see the green plus sign.
  • Then, release your finger to drop it.

Note that the drag and drop feature will only copy the file or picture and not transfer it. You still have the original copy from the original app.

How do you find the new drag and drop tool between apps on your iPhone? Does it make copying files faster? We would love to know what you think, so write us your comment below.

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