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How to Fix Google Chrome Error 0xc00000a5



Google Chrome has been helpful to a lot of people. But, encountering an error while launching the application will only frustrate you. One example is the Google Chrome error with code 0xc00000a5. This type of error might appear only during installation or launching the browser.

What Happens When Google Chrome Error 0xc00000a5 Appear?

When this error message appears, it will make your computer sluggish. It will slow down responses of your keyboard and mouse. Your browser tabs will crash and the Chrome will fail to launch. Your computer will also freeze or will crash while the bug is occurring.

Causes of Google Chrome Error 0xc00000a5

There are different reasons why the Error 0xc00000a5 appears.

  • There are malwares infecting your computer.
  • You have corrupted registry files.
  • There are original Chrome files that have been deleted.
  • You have not properly installed your Chrome browser.

Whatever the reason for your error, there are ways on how to repair these problems. Check out the list below on how to do it.

How to Fix Google Chrome Error 0xc00000a5

Solution 1 – Scan for Malwares

Windows Defender Scan

Perform a malware check in your computer using the Windows Defender or any third-party antivirus. If malwares are detected, remove these viruses and check if the error still exists.

Solution 2 – Disable the Compatibility Mode

Chrome Compatibility Mode
  • Look for the Google Chrome shortcut icon in your desktop and right click to open menu.
  • Click Properties and among the tabs, click Compatibility.
  • Under the Compatibility Mode, uncheck the Run this computer in compatibility mode box.
  • At the bottom, click Apply and click OK to save the changes.

Solution 3 – Add the No Sandbag

Chrome Add No Sandbag
  • Right click on the Google Chrome shortcut icon and click Properties.
  • Next, go to the General Tab and look for the Target box. You will see a text command in the field.
  • Go to the end of the text command and add –no-sandbox to the path.
  • Click Apply at the bottom and OK to save the changes.

Solution 4 – Restore Settings to Default

Chrome Reset Browser Setting
  • Open Google Chrome and type chrome://settings.
  • Choose the Advanced Settings and look for the Reset Browser settings.
  • Click the button and this will reset your Chrome settings.

Solution 5 – Run a SFC Scan

sfc scannow
  • Press the Windows key + R and type cmd to open the command prompt.
  • Type sfc /scannow and press Enter.
  • It will perform the system file check.

Solution 6 – Reinstall Google Chrome

Google Chrome Download
  • Go to Start and select Control Panel.
  • Click Program and choose Programs and Features.
  • Look for Google Chrome and right click to open a menu. Click Uninstall.
  • Install the latest version of Google Chrome from their official website.


Did the solutions above help you? Encountering errors in your browser can delay you especially if you need things done immediately. But, following the solutions above can help you fix the problem and help you get back on track.



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