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How to Update Sony Bravia Smart TV Software or Firmware



Sony TV gives you a stunning experience with its LED TVs. Users can enjoy a Full-Array LED with realistic brightness and unparalleled realism. There are also OLED TVs using Acoustic Surfaceâ„¢ technology in 4K and 8K Ultra HD. Sony offers its users a wide selection of smart TVs that will fit the varying demands of their users.

To maintain the features and functions of your Sony Bravia smart TV, it is ideal to update its device software or firmware with the latest version. Updating your Sony TV software will allow you to enjoy added features that will enhance your viewing experience. You can also download and install the latest apps. Each firmware upgrade also provides fixes for bugs and issues on your Sony smart TV.

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Most of the time, Sony will install updates automatically when they are available. But, if your Bravia Android TV has not yet installed any update after a recent release, you can check and install it manually.

How to Check & Install Available Firmware Updates on Sony Bravia Android TV


It only takes a few steps to manually check if there are available firmware or device software updates you can download and install on your smart TV device. You may also see news on Sony’s official website or social media channels about the release of new versions, so you will never miss out. To check for available updates, follow the steps below.

  • Open the Settings menu of your Sony TV by clicking the Gear icon.
  • Go to Device preferences.
  • Select About.
  • Click System software update.
  • Select Software update.
  • It will then scan if there is a new version you can install on your Sony TV.
  • Once you see an available update, click the Install button and follow the instructions to install it.

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However, if no update is available, you will see the message, “Your software is up to date.”

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How to Enable Push Notifications for Sony Bravia TV Software Updates

One way for you to always be in the loop on new updates and upgrade your system automatically is to turn on the push notifications on your Sony Bravia smart TV.

  • Navigate to the Settings menu.
  • Go to Device preferences.
  • Click About.
  • Select System software update.
  • Next to the Automatically check for update option, toggle the button to On.

Are you always upgrading your Sony TV software to the latest version? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.



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