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How to Open and Play BUP, IFO, VOB Files on Windows 10



You may have encountered one of the BUP, IFO, and VOB files on your Windows 10 and you have no idea how to open them. These files are what you can find in a DVD movie. Before we can try to see what options we got to open the files, let us first know what they are.

How to Open BUP, IFO, VOB Files on Windows 10
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What are BUP, IFO, and VOB Files?

What are BUP Files

BUP files are backup files on the DVD. Typically, BUP files are not meant to be opened. But, their function is important in case of corruption on your DVD. These files help in avoiding data losses as they serve as the backup for the IFO files in the DVD movie. If you want to open a BUP file, you will need to install a BUP player on your computer. You can identify BUP files with the .BUP extension.

What are IFO Files

IFO files are index files with the .IFO extension. It stores information about the DVD movie. You can find the scene information, timing, region, and other data on these files. These files are important when playing the DVD movie. It tells the DVD player what to display at the start of the movie and on each scene. It also helps the DVD player locates the audio tracks and subtitles.

To open an IFO file, you will need a compatible video program. VLC player is widely used but you can also use Windows Media Player and WinDVD.

What are VOB Files

VOB files contain the actual DVD video. It has the .VOB extension and can be played to any DVD video player that supports VOB playback. The VOB files have the video and audio data of the DVD movie, including subtitles and menus. VOB means Video Object Files.

Playing BUP, IFO, and VOB Files in Windows 10

To open these three video files, you will have to open and play the DVD movie on any compatible video player for Windows 10. We have a number of them and we have listed them below.

VLC is our favorite, being one of the top media players for about anything that does not play natively on Windows 10.

vlc media player windows 10
VLC Player for Windows 10 / VideoLAN

List of Video Players

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  1. Great explanation! Very helpful and useful, I’m really glad you provided recommended players to access VOB files.

  2. Awesome tutorial! This is truly informative and I learned a lot. Usually, I am converting videos with the help of Acethinker Free Video Converter Online. I have no problem using it so far but now I have a different way to approach vob files. Appreciate your effort!

  3. Great explanation! Just what i need it. The VLC Player goes really well to me, i could open the files with no problem! Thanks guys!!

  4. Question: I have a an old dvd of home videos with those three files. Can I copy them to a flashdrive to give and share with relatives? I’ve found a recording studio that will do it for $80, but there must be some software out there that I could do it myself. Is there an issue with copying it onto a flashdrive? I tried to put it on my nephew’s Apple and only the video would play – not the audio. Is the problem in the copying or in the playing?


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