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How to Cancel or Stop Noom Subscription Plan or Free Trial Account



It takes a lot of effort and discipline to stay healthy, and a reliable wellness plan will help you get to where you want with your body and health. Noom offers a comprehensive program that will assist you in building a healthy lifestyle. With the regular updates and information sent to you each day, you will have all that you need to change your habits and start eating and living healthily.

Noom’s program is available for 16 weeks. But, you can continuously subscribe to its social platform add-on for supplementary articles and information to maintain your health and body weight. You can check out food plans, exercises, and articles that will help you in the long term.

To enjoy the full benefits of Noom, you can sign up for its subscription plan, which is available for a monthly auto-renewal price of $66.35. To save on your monthly subscription bills, you can sign up for 2-month up to 8-month auto-renewal or the yearly renewal of $199. A longer tier for auto-renewal will give you bigger discounts. 


During the first 2 weeks of your membership, Noom will offer you a 2-week free trial. After the introductory period is over, it will automatically revert to the monthly subscription cost unless you sign up for the auto-renewal program. 

But, if you think that Noom is not for you, it is easy to cancel your subscription plan or free trial account. Learn how to stop your membership and ask for a refund in this guide.

Steps to Cancel or End your Noom Health Membership Plan or Free Trial Subscription Account

There are several ways to cancel your Noom health and fitness subscription, both the existing monthly plan or a free trial account. Depending on the platform you are using to access Noom and the mode you used to sign up for the account, you will find the cancellation policy for different devices. Look for your platform and check out the methods below.

Method #1 – Cancel Noom Subscription Account through the Subscription Page on Apple or Google

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You can cancel your Noom fitness membership through your Apple ID settings for iOS users or Google Play Store for Android devices.

How to Cancel Noom Subscription through Apple ID on iOS Devices

  • Launch the Settings menu of your iOS device.
  • Tap your Apple ID.
  • Select Subscriptions.
  • Tap Noom.
  • Tap the Cancel Subscription button.
  • Tap Confirm.

How to Cancel Noom Membership through Google Play Store on Android Devices

  • Open the Google Play Store.
  • Sign in to the account you used to subscribe to Noom.
  • Click the three horizontal lines.
  • Go to Subscriptions.
  • Tap Noom.
  • Tap Cancel Subscription.

Method #2 – Cancel Noom Subscription via Noom App on Android or iPhone

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  • Launch the Noom app on your device.
  • Tap the Blue Chat Bubble to talk to a specialist.
  • Send a message indicating that you want to cancel your subscription.
  • Your specialist will send you the cancel subscription link.
  • Tap on the link and process your request.

Method #3 – Cancel Noom Subscription using Noom Website

  • Open the Noom website on your browser and log in to your account.
  • Select Subscription Details.
  • Click Cancel Subscription.

You can choose from the three options how you want to cancel your membership account. However, if you want to get a refund for your money, you will need to contact your coach to facilitate the refund process. You can do that on the Noom website or app as well.

We would love to hear your reasons for canceling your Noom subscription. You can write them in the comment section below.



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