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Fitbit Premium is now Free for 90 Days



Making your bodies fit is key in keeping them at the top of health during this time of Coronavirus pandemic. Fitbit heard you loud and clear. As a way of supporting its users during this difficult time, Fitbit is giving a 90-day free trial offer of its Premium subscription.

The trial offer is meant to keep you active so that you can sleep well and be able to manage your stress especially the ones brought about by the COVID-19 lockdowns. The monthly Fitbit Premium Membership subscription fee is at $9.99. That’s a total of $29.97 savings for you.

With Fitbit Premium, you get a personalized health and fitness guidance that will fit your needs. It includes personalized health insights, health guidance, advanced sleep tools, customized programs, and over 150 video workouts from different fitness brands.

Fitbit Premium Features


Personalized insights
Get insights based on your personal stats and specific guidance on how to improve

Dynamic workouts
Access thousands of smart, adaptive workouts with 16 different trainers to choose from

Advanced sleep tools
Unlock a Sleep Score breakdown and personalized tools to help you sleep better

Guided programs
Follow customized, step-by-step programs that help you build healthier habits in key areas

Health and fitness tracking
Track activity, weight, sleep and nutrition and see your progress in the app

Basic insights
Get general insights about activity, weight, sleep and nutrition

Who Can Join the 90-Day Fitbit Premium Trial?

The 90-day free trial program is open to anyone new to Fitbit Premium.

However, if you’re not eligible, you might still be able to redeem a 90-day free trial of the Fitbit Coach app (available in English, Spanish, French, German, and Portuguese).

How to Redeem your Fitbit Premium 90-day Trial?

To redeem your 90-day premium trial, open the Fitbit app and tap on the “Premium” tab in the lower-right corner. Just make sure to read the following fine prints to avoid getting any problems with your subscription.

  • This trial offer is only valid through the Fitbit app and is only available for new Premium users who use their Fitbit app in the English language.
  • Valid payment method required.
  • You need to cancel your subscription before the free trial ends to avoid incurring subscription fees.

Which Fitbit Premium Programs are Included in the Free Trial?

Fitbit is offering 40 pieces of Fitbit Premium content for free in the Fitbit app. Here’s a list of the programs and content that you can enjoy during the trial period.

Guided Programs

  • Habit for Restful Sleep
  • Kick Your Sugar Habit


  • 15-Minute HIIT with Lisa
  • Energizing Yoga Flow
  • 10-Minute Standing Ab Workout
  • Yoga for Sleep
  • Cardio Burst
  • Essential 10-Minute Core
  • 7-Minute Workout
  • Kickboxing Cardio Endurance
  • 30-Minute All-Level Cardio Dance Workout
  • 20-Minute Mobility and Stability Recovery Session
  • Leg Day
  • 25-Minute Beginner Upper-Body Workout
  • Cardio Boxing with Alex
  • Low Impact Dance with Emily
  • Low-Impact Cardio and Strength
  • Core Crush
  • Arm Yourself
  • 10-Minute Core and Legs
  • 20-Minute Beginner Bodyweight Workout
  • 34-Minute Intermediate HIIT Workout
  • Strength Circuits
  • 30-Minute Beginner Full-Body Workout
  • Low Impact Cardio with Core Circuits
  • Yoga for Tight Hips
  • Beginner Flexibility


  • Quick Body Scan
  • The Present Moment
  • Quick Body Scan for Anxiety
  • Walk to Decompress
  • Grateful for Your Body
  • Hearing Your Body
  • Guided Meditation to Start Your Day

Meditations for Sleep

  • Wind Down for Sleep
  • Equal Breathing Exercise for Sleep
  • Relaxing Body Scan
  • How to Fall Asleep
  • Sunset Beach Walk Visualization
  • Grassy Meadow Stroll Visualization

Relaxing Sounds

  • Sleep Vibes and Rain
  • Sleep Waves and Singing Bowls

That’s it. Starting downloading the Fitbit app now and get on with your 90-day free trial. Fitbit is available for both Android and iOS phones.



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