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How to Remove or Disconnect Work or School Account from Windows 10 or 11 PC



Joining an organization will give you access to its resources and network. When you enroll in a school or get hired by a company, the IT admin will create a work or school account for you as your way into the organization’s network. You can then use it to access restricted files, documents, archives, processes, and more content exclusive only with your organization.

Once you have your personal work or school account, Windows will connect your device to the organization’s network. To join in, you can log in using your username and password. However, there are also access restrictions linked to your work or school account based on your IT admin.

How to Delete your Work or School Account from Windows 10 11

There comes a time when you have to leave your organization. By doing so, your IT admin will remove your access and assignments on the organization’s network. In most cases, your IT admin will also require you to delete your work or school account from your Windows 10 or 11 computer.

How to Disconnect & Delete your Work or School Account from Windows 10/11 Computer

To remove your work or school account from Windows 10/11 PC, you will need to disconnect it from your computer settings. Follow the steps below on how you can do it.

  • Launch the Settings menu of your Windows PC.
  • Select Accounts.
  • Choose Access Work or School.
  • Look for your work or school account. For Windows 10, click your account and click the Disconnect button. For Windows 11, click the drop-down menu and select Disconnect.
  • Select Yes when a confirmation message appears.
  • When a pop-up message appears to confirm your disconnection from the organization, click Disconnect.
  • If you see an option to enter your alternate account, sign in to your local or Microsoft account and click OK.
  • Click Restart now.

That’s it! You can easily remove the accounts associated with work or school organization whenever necessary. If you encounter any issues and you cannot remove your work or school account, try to troubleshoot the error and find a fix for it.

What is your reason for deleting your work or school account on Windows 10/11 PC? You can share your story in the comment section below.


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