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How to Factory Reset your Samsung Galaxy SmartTag or SmartTag+



One of the proven ways to fix issues with modern devices like Samsung Galaxy SmartTag or SmartTag+ (Plus) Bluetooth tracker is to perform a factory reset on its settings. You will get a fresh device like it’s new straight off the factory. It will effectively resolve issues with the device not working or won’t connect and pair to your phone.

Resetting your Galaxy Smart Tag device to factory settings will also be helpful if you want to pair or connect it with another Samsung phone. To get started with the process, follow the steps in our guide below.

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How to Reset Samsung Galaxy SmartTag or SmartTag+ to Factory Settings

It’s basically, a simple process of removing physically its battery and reinserting it on the device. However, you need to follow certain procedures to do it effectively. See below:

  • Open the battery cover on your Samsung Galaxy SmartTag or SmartTag+ Bluetooth tracker.
  • You can simply insert the tip of your finger or use a flat object like a guitar pick or credit card into the notch on the bottom of the tracker device.
  • Pull it until the battery cover is removed.
  • Now, take out the battery from the device.
  • Press and hold the button on the center of the SmartTag and reinsert the battery while doing it.
  • If your Smart Tag device makes a sound right after inserting the battery, you need to try the process again.
  • Now, hold the button for five seconds, and then release it.

That’s it! You have successfully reset your Galaxy SmartTag device to factory settings. You can now, snap the battery covering back together to begin setting it up from scratch.

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How to Connect Samsung SmartTag to New Galaxy Phone or Tablet After a Factory Reset

Credit: Samsung

To begin setting the SmartTag device and connecting it to a new phone, you will have to completely remove or delete it from the SmartThings app first. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Launch the SmartThings app on your Samsung Galaxy phone or tablet.
  • Navigate to the Menu or the three horizontal lines, and then tap All devices.
  • Now, tap More options (look for the three vertical dots again), and then tap Delete.
  • Find the red minus sign next to your Galaxy SmartTag or SmartTag+, and then hit Delete again to confirm your selection.

You have now fully removed your SmartTag device from the SmartThings app. You will now be able to add it back to the same phone or pair it with another one to start easily tracking and finding misplaced items again.

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