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How to Turn Off and Stop TikTok Spam Invites



Have you ever been in the groove of scrolling through your favorite dance challenges, hilarious skits, and cute pet videos, only to be rudely interrupted by a barrage of random spam invites?

Ugh, I feel your frustration! It’s like trying to enjoy a serene beach day and suddenly being pelted with sand – not fun at all.

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But fear not. If you’re as tired as I am of these unwanted party crashers on your TikTok feed, stick around as I share some nifty tips on how to turn off and stop those pesky spam invites for good.

Let’s take back our TikTok experience, one spam invite at a time!

What are Spam Invites on TikTok?

Spam invites on TikTok are unwanted and often repetitive notifications or messages that you receive inviting you to participate in a specific prompt or challenge. These invites might come from unknown or automated accounts and can clutter your notifications, making it harder to enjoy your TikTok experience. 

On top of that, the purpose behind these spam invites can vary – some may be sent by bots to promote certain accounts or services, while others might be attempts to gather personal information or engage in malicious activities.

How to Disable Spam Invites and Stop Getting Annoying Invitations on TikTok

Here’s how you can turn off spam invites on your TikTok account.

Step 1: Open Creator Tools on TikTok

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  • To stop those pesky invites on TikTok, first, open the app.
  • Then, go to a part called “Creator Tools.”
  • You can find this in your profile settings.

Step 2: Find “Add Yours”

  • Inside “Creator Tools,” you’ll find something called “Add Yours.”
  • Tap on it. This will show you options for things people are asking you to join.

Step 3: Look for Three Dots

  • In the “Add Yours” area, find the thing that’s been sending you lots of invites.
  • You’ll see three dots or maybe dots in a row. They’re next to that thing.

Step 4: Change to “No One”

  • Tap on those three dots. You’ll see a list of things you can pick.
  • Choose “Switch to No One.” This will stop any more invites from coming in.

Note For Some People – Alternative Way to Block Spam Invites on TikTok

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If you can’t see “Add Yours” in Creator Tools, don’t worry. There’s another way.

When you get an invite you don’t want, you can block and report the people sending it. This might help reduce the number of bad invites you get.

But remember, even this might not stop all the spam. New spam accounts could still bother you.

That’s it! You’ve got some tricks to stop those annoying TikTok invites. Just know that blocking and reporting isn’t perfect, but it might make things better.

Remember, while these tips can help reduce the impact of spam invites, there might not be a foolproof solution to completely eliminate them. TikTok is continuously working to improve the platform’s security and user experience, so staying informed about their updates is key.

In the meantime, you can regain control over your TikTok experience by taking proactive steps to minimize the annoyance of spam invites.



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