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How to Use Galaxy Tab S7/S7+ as Second PC Screen Monitor



You may have seen other people with dual screens when they are working. For most people, having experienced using a second monitor gave them reasons not to go back to having only a one screen set up. A second screen monitor has its share of advantages that’s just hard to do away with.

Benefits of a Secondary Computer Screen Monitor

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There are several benefits of having a dual-screen on your computer.

  • Productivity – It helps you become more productive and efficient at work. You can accomplish more tasks and help you focus on work. Instead of closing one window or application to open another, you can both launch them on separate screens.
  • Easy Comparison – Most work requires a comparison of data, images, or video. It is more effective to compare if you can see both contents side by side.
  • Multi-tasking – With two screen monitors, you can open your emails on one screen and open a document on the other. You can see all your conference participants on the first monitor and look at your presentation from the second.
  • Faster Editing – It is more effective to edit images and videos or copy and paste data with two screens.

The good news for Samsung tablet users, now, you can use the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 or S7+ as your second screen monitor on your Windows 10 PC computer. Continue reading below to find out how.

Use Galaxy Tab S7/S7+ as Secondary Screen Monitor on Windows 10 PC

Credit: Samsung

Samsung recently rolled out the One UI 3.0 update on Galaxy Tab S7 and Galaxy Tab S7+ devices. The software update allows both tablet devices to act as a second display to compatible Windows 10 laptop or desktop computer.

There are two display modes for Galaxy Tab S7 or S7 Plus.

Extend Mode

First is the Extend Mode. It becomes an extended display for your PC so you can launch two different apps on each screen.

Duplicated Mode

The second is the Duplicated Mode, where the Tab will mirror what appears on your PC.

To start using Galaxy Tab S7/S7+ as your secondary screen monitor, your Windows 10 PC must have a Wireless Display or WiDi and should run with latest Windows 10 May 2020 operating system version or later.

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How to Update Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 or S7 Plus to One UI 3.0

Credit: Samsung

You will also need to update your Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 and Galaxy Tab S7+ tablets. Once the One UI 3.0 update is available, you will receive a notification. Tap Install now and select OK to automatically install the update.

  • To manually download the new version, go to Applications.
  • Tap Settings.
  • Go to About Device.
  • Select Software Updates.
  • Look for System Updates.
  • Tap Restart & install.

Were you able to update your Samsung Galaxy Tab S7/S7+? Kindly drop us a comment down below.



  1. HTF do you connect it? Your headline says “HOW TO USE Galaxy Tab S7/S7+ as Second PC Screen Monitor” and yet the article only says update your tablet to the latest version. BUT WHAT NEXT? What do I do on the tablet to initiate the connection or make it discoverable? Is there an app? A setting? You lured me here with a promise to teach me how to do something and then didn’t delivery


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