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How to Fix PayPal Forbidden Error 54113 & API Error Code 13113 or 10525



PayPal is a popular online payment system used by 429 million people worldwide. It is commonly used to purchase online, send or receive money. It is helpful for people who prefer to avoid carrying money and debit cards while shopping.

PayPal links the user’s bank account and credit or debit cards to make payments. It is widely used for international transactions because PayPal is available in 200 countries and regions and supports 25 currencies. This makes PayPal helpful for people who travel a lot; it saves them time going to the bank to convert currencies.

Why Does My PayPal Account Have Errors?


While making payments, many of us may have encountered Paypal error codes such as Forbidden 54113 and API errors 13113 or 10523. This can show an issue with Paypal account users, mainly because information about the user or user’s card needs to be updated.

This also prevents potential financial loss or security risk for the users. You know, PayPal sometimes restricts or limits users if suspicious payments are made in the account that are highly likely to be a fraud.

How to Troubleshoot Payment Issues and Fix PayPal Forbidden Error 54113 & API Error Code 13113 or 10525

If you need help with fixing and troubleshooting these pesky PayPal payment problems, here’s what might help you.

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Verify Account Information

Ensure your account, debit, or credit card information isn’t outdated. Check if your information, such as your card number, expiration date, security code, and billing address, is updated. To avoid this problem in the future, check the information in your account from time to time.

Check for Suspicious Activity

Review your account or payment history. Check if there’s a payment you still need to make. If you have unauthorised charges, there’s a high chance that you have been hacked by other people using your account to purchase things. In this case, you must contact PayPal customer service and your credit or debit card company. 

Make Sure your Debit or Credit Card is Valid and Updated

Make sure your cards have been activated before making a payment. Also, if you do have an expired card in PayPal, change it by following the following instructions:

Go to your Wallet > Click the card you want to update > Update card > Enter the new information.

Use Different Payment Methods

PayPal offers different payment methods such as Paypal balance, bank account, PayPal Credit, debit and credit card, and reward balance. If one doesn’t work, you’ll have to use another one.

Contact your Bank or Debit and Credit Card Company

Issues in your account may cause unsuccessful payment. Check if you have a problem with your account. If you have an account issue, the bank or the company will tell you what to do.

Deal with Issues Caused by Insufficient Funds in your Account

Can you buy something without money? The answer is no. Payment error occurs sometimes when you need more money to make the payment. If you do not have a sufficient amount to purchase something, but you do, you can use your Paypal credit. 

Check the Paypal Account Setting

Check your PayPal account for limitations or restrictions. Limitations in PayPal may include needing help to send or receive money.

PayPal and other online banking systems make our life easy, but we must take responsibility to make the most of it and avoid problems. Be responsible for your actions and payments.

Have an awareness of how you can protect your personal and PayPal information. If you have further questions, you can ask PayPal health centre.



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