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How to Find, See or Remove Ignored Friend Requests on Snapchat



Sending snaps, movies, and messages to friends and family using the Snapchat app has grown in popularity. The app’s capacity to accept and receive friend requests is one of its features.

Regardless, there are times when you might need to ignore friend requests or eliminate somebody on Snapchat from your rundown of friends. In this article, we’ll go through many techniques to track down, see, or delete Snapchat friend requests that have been declined.

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Steps on How to Remove Ignored Friend Requests on Snapchat

The Settings menu can be accessed to erase ignored friend invitations on Snapchat.

  • Tap the gear icon on the Profile screen to do this.
  • Click on Clear Discussions after scrolling down.
  • You can either tap Tap on the X next to each conversation you want to delete or use the Clear All option near the top of the screen.
  • Any interactions that might have been connected to the friend request that was declined will be deleted as a result.

How to View Ignored Friend Requests on Snapchat App

You can go to Settings in the Snapchat app to get a list of persons you might have ignored. “Ignored Requests” can be found under Settings. 

At this point, you have the choice to acknowledge (or reject) the friend request. It’s vital to remember that Snapchat friend invitations expire after 48 hours. The request then expires, and the friend is no longer visible.

Removing a Person from Your Friends List on Snapchat

  • Go to the My Friends page in the Snapchat app.
  • Press the person’s name to delete them from your friends list and your name from his Friends Who Added You screen.
  • You can tap the appearing gear icon to see your options.
  • Choose “Delete” to delete the individual from your friends’ list. Also, this will take your name off of their Friends Who Added You screen.

How to Find Ignored People on Snapchat

Go to the Add Friends area of Snapchat and press the three dots (•••) beside them in the top right corner to get a list of the people you have ignored.

Update your Snapchat or phone if you are unable to see the three dots. You can choose from alternatives like recently added friends and ignored from me by tapping the •••. This will display a list of any Snapchat users you may have ignored.

What Happens When You Ignore a Friend Request on Snapchat? 

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On Snapchat, if you reject a friend request, the user’s status is still “added” in your list of friends. They will keep on following you regardless of whether you add them back. This implies that until they follow you back, you will never be able to see their tales.

How to Reject or Delete a Snapchat Friend Request

  • You can also visit your Snapchat account and select the profile button at the top to reject a friend request.
  • Look for the “Add friend” button and click it.
  • Under the “Added Me” section, you may see a list of everyone who has added you as a friend.
  • Click the cross (X) icon next to their name to reject the request. The friend request will be disregarded.

Method to Find Pending Sent Friend Requests on Snapchat

  • Open the Snapchat app and select the Bitmoji symbol to access the profile page to view your pending sent friend requests.
  • Click on Add Friends by scrolling down.
  • Click on All Contacts to bring up the Quick Add page.
  • The blue “Added” lettering will appear next to the names of persons who have sent you pending friend requests. This will provide a list of persons who have issued friend invitations to you but who you haven’t yet accepted or rejected.

How to See Ignored from Added Me Feature on Snapchat

  • By pressing the gear icon in the Settings menu, Snapchat users can access the “Ignored from Added Me” option.
  • In Snapchat, the button is under the shade of yellow. If you tap it, a list of individuals who recently added you will appear.
  • To view their username, tap any one of them. You can utilize this tool to locate someone on Snapchat whose username you may have overlooked.

Steps to Add Someone You Ignored on Snapchat

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You can friend someone on Snapchat by asking them for their username if you know their name or username and you rejected their friend request.

Launch Snapchat on your device, hit the magnifying glass icon, type the username or name of your buddy, and then choose them to add as a friend. This is a different approach to adding someone on Snapchat who you may have previously ignored.

Video Tutorials on Finding Ignored Friend Requests on Snapchat 

There are video tutorials on websites like YouTube that can help you if you’re having problems locating your Snapchat ignored friend request list.

You can add and remove friends on Snapchat using a variety of options, and you can sometimes reject friend requests. Understanding how to locate, view, or delete unanswered friend requests on Snapchat is crucial. Hope this helps!



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