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How to Change Gmail Time Zone Settings



Exchanging important messages and files online is easier thanks to email solutions. Gmail is one of the most popular email providers used for various reasons including private exchanges or business transactions. It is faster and more effective in communication not just locally but all over the world. You can exchange messages with other people from different countries in just seconds.

However, emails sent globally are often affected by different time zones of various countries. While it is understandable, it creates a possible confusion to important dates and times between email exchanges. Making sure that you are using the correct time zone is crucial to prevent time issues especially to important work transactions. To prevent any sort of confusion you can try this tool out. It also a great advantage to people who are traveling for work.

The reason why you may have a different time zone in your Gmail account is not because of Google’s processes but because it simply follows your device’s date and time. The date and time appearing on your computer is reflected on your emails regardless where you are. You will need to manually adjust your time settings to the right time zone.

Modifying your time zone is not difficult. Below are the steps you can follow on how to change your timezone in your Gmail Account:

Method 1 – Adjust Your Date/Time Settings in Windows 10

  • Locate the clock in your taskbar and right click to open a menu.
  • Look for the Adjust Date/Time and click to open.
  • Once inside the settings window, click on the Date & Time option.
  • Hover to the right screen and check if the Set time automatically and Set time zone automatically are off. Otherwise, toggle to turn off.
  • Next, locate the Change date and time. Click the Change option below it.
  • Enter your desired time and date. After changing the settings, click Change to save. It will update your time and date.

Method 2 – Change Timezone in Your Google Calendar

  • Open your Google Calendar.
  • Look for gear icon at the top right corner and click on Settings.
  • Select General and then click the Time Zone option.
  • Check your primary time zone if it is correct. Otherwise, click on the drop-down arrow to select your preferred time zone. If your time zone is not on the list, look for the Display all time zones and check the box.
  • Click on your time zone.
  • Next, click save to apply the changes and exit your Google Calendar.

Method 3 – Modify Your Timezone Through your Google Account

  • Go to your Google Account homepage. You can also go directly via this page: https://www.google.com/accounts/ManageAccount?service=mail
  • Look for the Personal Settings on the left side and click to open.
  • Next to the email addresses, you will find the Edit option. Click to open.
  • Locate the Timezone field and select your preferred timezone.
  • Click Save to apply all the changes.
  • Sign out from your Gmail account and try signing back in to see if it works.


Changing your timezone will prevent confusion between you and your email recipients or senders. It will put things in their proper order and help you work efficiently. Let us know in the comments below if the solutions above work for you.



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