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How to Fix Disney Plus Error Code 76, 43 or 41



Disney fanatics enjoy using Disney Plus to stream not just new content but also their favorite classics. Old Disney shows and movies are also available on the streaming channel and it is much easier to recall these shows when seen in one place.

But, like all other streaming services, Disney Plus has its share of error codes and messages. Some of these Disney Plus glitches that may pop up on your screen are error codes 76, 43, and 41.

What is Disney Plus Error Code 76

If you have encountered error code 76 on Disney Plus, you may see a message saying, “We’re currently experiencing slow Internet connection speeds”. It may be due to different reasons, one of which is a poor Internet connection. There may be server overload and too much traffic that causes a slow connection.

What is Disney Plus Error Code 43

Error code 43 on Disney Plus may be due to issues with the internal system. You will see the message, “We’re sorry, but we cannot play the video you requested. Please try again. If the problem persists, visit the Disney+ Help Centre.”

Seeing error code 43 means that the content you want to watch is not available for you right now.


What is Disney Plus Error Code 41

Error code 41 on Disney Plus is a playback issue. Just like error code 76, there may be an overload in the traffic that causes the slow connection, so you cannot play your movie. There may be issues with the Disney plus server.


Fixing Disney Plus Error Codes 76, 43 and 41

Whichever error code you encounter above and for whatever reason, there are ways on how you can fix the problem. Luckily, these three Disney Plus error codes share some common triggers and can be fixed using similar troubleshooting methods.

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Method #1 – Check your Internet Connection

Verify if the cause of the problem is in your connection and not with Disney Plus. Check the speed of your Internet and make sure it is at least 5Mbps, as required by Disney Plus. If you have a poor Internet connection, try to restart your modem and check the connection speed again. You can also do a power cycle of your devices.

If nothing happens and you still have a poor connection, contact your Internet provider.

Method #2 – Sign out and Sign in Again

Try signing out your account on the Disney Plus app. Wait for a few seconds then try to sign in again. Now, check if the error is still there. You can also sign out your Disney Plus account on all devices and try signing back in to only one device.

Method #3 – Reinstall Your Disney Plus App

It may sound a bit of a hardworking in deleting the app and reinstalling it. But, doing so can also help fix the issues. On your device, go to Settings and then to Apps. The route may not be the same but it is a similar process to all devices. Once in the Apps, look for the Disney Plus app and uninstall. Now, search for Disney Plus and reinstall the app back.

That’s It!

Did any of the methods above fixed the error? If none of the methods solved the problem, you can always try to contact support from Disney and report your problem. If it is a server problem, you can also wait a little longer.



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