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Use Adobe Liquid Mode to Read PDF Files on Mobile Devices



Exporting PDF files to mobile devices has been a huge breakthrough for users who want to read files while on the go. However, it is challenging to read PDF files when you are using a small mobile device. You need to pinch and zoom your screen for you to see the text properly.

Adobe Acrobat Reader is widely used for reading PDFs on mobile devices. To offer users a more enhanced experience, Adobe has announced a new feature called Liquid Mode. The goal is to provide a better way for users to read their PDF files on small devices.

What is Liquid Mode on Adobe Acrobat Reader?

Credit: Adobe

Liquid Mode is an added feature to your Adobe Acrobat Reader, where you can improve the layout of your PDF files. It utilizes Adobe Sensei, the company’s artificial intelligence (AI) engine, to analyze files and make them readable for the users.

The AI technology checks the files and reformats its components to make it more dynamic and easy to read. Headings, paragraphs, as well as images, and tables will be adjusted for users to see them better, even on a smaller screen. You can tap and expand the images. Words can be resized and customized based on spacing and font sizes.

Through Liquid Mode, users can create accordion widgets to create content sections. There is a back to the top button at the end of the document.

Limitations of the Adobe Liquid Mode Feature

Credit: Adobe

While the Liquid Mode feature is free when you use Adobe Acrobat Reader, there are limitations to how you can use it. Only Android phones with 5.0 and later can use the free feature. For iPhone users, iOS version must be 12 or later. Android phones with less than 1GB RAM or x86 processors cannot enjoy the benefits of the Liquid Mode.

PDF files must not be more than 10MB and 200 pages. Files that are password protected cannot use the feature. There must be no complex layouts and must not be converted from presentations.

How to Use Adobe Liquid Mode to Read PDF Files on Small Devices

Credit: Adobe

To use Liquid Mode on the Adobe Reader app on your mobile device, you need to enable the feature.

  1. Launch your Adobe Reader.
  2. Open a file you want to read.
  3. On the top of the screen, look for the Teardrop icon with horizontal lines on the side.
  4. Tap to enable it.
  5. Now, enjoy the Liquid Mode.

What do you think of Adobe’s Liquid Mode? Are you excited about it? Tell us in the comments below.


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