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How to Fix Gmail Dark Mode Goes Missing for Certain Android Users



Android users were excited as Google rolled out the dark mode on its Android applications. The Gmail app became the last application to to get the dark mode theme but these days, many people reported that the Theme option is missing.


There have been complaints that the Gmail app automatically reverted back to the light theme even without users consent or action. The instant bright visual changes on their Gmail app caused a stir on social media and forums. Apart from the automatic switch, the option to enable the Dark mode has also gone missing.

Switching to the dark mode has its own advantages. It will help save your phone battery and making it more energy efficient. It will also reduce strain on your eyes.

Reports of the change came largely from Pixel owners. There are also owners of OnePlus devices who have been affected by the change. According to complaints, the dark mode is missing after they have installed the latest Gmail update – v2019.12.30.289507923.

When visiting the Theme Settings, users wull have the option to switch their theme to Light, Dark, and System default. However, such option is no longer available.

Feedback from Google

As of now, there has not been any official feedback from Google regarding the issue. Google has not yet released any explanation of the bug. The official Gmail Twitter account directs people to a generic support document.

Still, only the Gmail app is affected by the instant theme change and not on other Google applications.

What You Can Do For Now

While there has no official announcement of Google, users can wait for and use the bright visual of their Gmail accounts. A possible fix is to reboot your device and see if it works.

You may also try to Force Stop your Gmail app from the App info page. On your homescreen, go to the app icon and hold it down. On the top-right corner, click the Info button. Choose Force Stop and try to relaunch the app.



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