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Amazon Kindle Vella: A New Wattpad-Style Serialized Publishing Platform



Being an author has its challenges. It takes a long time to come up with a complete story that you can publish as a book. But, if you can publish a shorter version of your story, perhaps an episode, it will be easier for any author.

Amazon will soon launch a new kind of style to book publishing. Instead of waiting for an entire novel or story to finish in thousands of words, authors can submit a chunk of the story in a few words for Amazon to publish. The new serialized self-publishing system is called Amazon Kindle Vella.

What is Amazon Kindle Vella?

Amazon Kindle Vella works like Wattpad, the Canada-based publishing platform that offers serialized short fictions. With Amazon Kindle Vella, authors can submit an episode of their story on the platform through Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) for readers to access and read. It will only take 600 to 5,000 words per chapter to publish on Kindle Vella.

Kindle Vella will feature the serialized stories on its platform. That means stories are per episode or chapter only. Authors can continue submitting another episode or chapter until they can reach the ending of their story. It is a more convenient, faster, and more appealing way for authors to make their stories reach their readers.

How Does Amazon Kindle Vella Work for Readers, What Benefits Publishers Get?

Unlike Wattpad, Amazon Kindle Vella will pay authors 50% of what their readers are paying. If you are a budding writer, it is a great opportunity to make your story known while making money as well.

Readers can unlock the story via tokens. Amazon has yet to announce how Kindle users can buy tokens. Each starting episode will be available for free, so readers can evaluate if they will move on to the next chapter or skip to the next story. If your readers live your story, they can unlock the remaining episodes using their tokens.

Aside from purchasing tokens and unlocking the stories, Kindle Vella also allows readers to connect with the authors and talk to them. They can also leave a Thumbs Up on the episode they like.

Amazon Kindle Vella is available only in the United States at the moment. Users cannot read Kindle Vella stories on any Kindle ereaders at the moment. Only iOS app and browsers are currently supported. Learn more about this new offering from Amazon at amazon.com/kindle-vella.

Do you think Amazon Kindle Vella is a helpful tool for authors? Will you prefer serialized novels or getting the entire book in one place? We would love to know your reasons. Kindly tell us in the comments below.



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